the gentleman  

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4/10/2005 5:35 pm

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the gentleman

As I woke up, I felt a little woozy and definitely drugged. I realized as I came to that my eyes were covered and that my hands were cuffed to what felt like a rung of a stool. I tried to move my feet but my legs were braced apart. I heard a voice whisper behind my ear that I was well secured and would not move until he choose me to. I felt a burning sensation in my nipple as he rolled it hard between his fingers. I squealed and tried to pull away, but it was quite obvious I was at his mercy whether I liked it or not. I felt fingernails scratch up the back of my thigh and then nails dig into my ass, followed but a hard slap. I lurched forward a bit and let out a whimper.

"That's a good little girl, whimper for me," He whispered in my ear.

His words rang in my ears as another slap landed on my ass. I winced as the fire spread across my ass. His voice familiar to me but I was not in a position really to ponder his identity. I felt another hard slap on my ass. A sudden surge ran through my body as his fingers grazed my clit with his harsh smack. I leaned into the chair as the hand landed on my ass several more times. I was sobbing slightly. I squirmed trying to guard the more tender parts from each slap, which made him respond unmercifully.

His hands left my body, but I heard a deep cackle behind me.

I felt something hard and cold begin to probe me. The sensation as the object passed over my clit sent a shiver through my body. I felt my pussy begin to drip as he continued. He slid the tip up and down my lips before slowly teasing my dripping hole. I could feel the tip begin to stretch the opening and then retreat to rubbing my clit. I couldn't help the little moans and sighs escaping my lips.

"That's a good girl. You like being fucked don't you?" I could not have formed words if I tried. He skillfully fucked me and I really didn't want him to stop.

"This my dear is my favorite Pyrex dildo. I am going to use it to loosen you up a little bit. I don't want any rug burn on my cock," He cackled at his own joke. "You will do everything I tell you to do and you will enjoy every moment. And tomorrow morning, you will wake up in your own bed, well fucked with the sense that this was just a wild fever induced dream. Do you understand me, slut?"

He didn't wait for me to answer him. He began to fuck my pussy quite roughly. I felt waves of orgasm build deep inside and then the dildo was abruptly ripped from deep inside. I heard a zipper and I knew what was going to happen next. I felt the head of his cock poking at my pussy then with one stroke he submerged himself to the hilt. I let out with a yelp and leaned into the stool. He wrapped his hands around my waist and began a slow steady thrusting pattern. I felt his fingers travel up to my nipples as he pinched and rubbed my tits. We quickly developed a steady rhythm between his thrusts and my muscle spasms. I was beginning to love his cock. He began to twitch deep inside the walls of pussy. I knew he was about to cum. I lurched forward violently trying to dislodge his cock before he bathed my insides with cum but it was met with firm hands on my shoulders and a hard thrust slamming his rigid cock back deep into my pussy. I felt the warm geyser. He followed with little thrusts, as my cunt milked his cock for every drop.

I felt his hands wrap in my hair and he yanked my ear to his lips, "If I wanted to cum anywhere else but your cunt I would of." He growled and bit my earlobe, "Remember our agreement, you do as your told." He dislodged his cock from me and slapped my clit for my disobedience I let out a squeak and lurched forward with the impact trying to soften the blow. "Bad little girls get punished. Are you going to be a good little girl from now on and do what you're told?" He punctuated his question with a pinch to my clit. I squirmed under his fingers.

"Yes, I will be a good little girl for you," I stammered. He made little circles over my burning, sore clit in approval of my willingness to be obedient. He pinched my clit and tugged on it as he let it go.

I felt his hands leave my body and I heard something being fussed with above me. I felt my handcuffs being undone from the stool. He place me on the stool then raised my hands and fastened them to something above my head. I sat on the stool for a few moments shivering and feeling exposed before his fingers returned to probing my pussy. He tugged and fondled my clit. I could feel my juices puddling under me. He pulled his fingers from my pussy.

"Open your mouth. I want you to taste how wet you are," I did as I was told. I opened my mouth and sucked his fingers thoroughly licking and sucking every drop into my mouth. It made me want to taste his cock after he fucked me.

"That's a good little slut," He pulled his fingers from my mouth and bent down and licked my lips.

" taste good. I think I want a taste of you." I felt him grab the bar between my legs and slowly pull it up. He fastened it somewhere near my hands while my lower body rested on the stool. I felt his breath on my pussy lips. I felt his hands find my hips and grasp them firmly. His tongue slowly began to trace the folds, lingering as he lapped up the puddles of wetness. His tongue began to dart in between my lips, grazing my clit more and more with each flick. He artfully teased me to the brink of cumming before he stopped. His lips covered my clit as he sucked it hard into his mouth. I started to buck against his face. His fingers slipped in and sent me over the edge. My legs and arms pulled against their restraints as I convulsed under his tongue. He sucked and licked until the waves subsided.

"Mmm...that's my good little slut. Do you like it when I make you cum? Has anyone every fucked you this way?"

"I love it when you make me cum. and no one has ever fucked me like you are," I panted.

"Would you like me to continue fucking you?" He began running his fingertip lightly over my clit.

"Yyyeeessss mmmm yes, " I shivered.

"What if I fucked you like this once a week, would you like that?" He rolled my clit between his fingertips.

"Oh please, yes. I would do anything." I tried to force out between sighs and moans.

"That's my good little girl," pleased with himself he bent down and kissed my lips. His fingers continued to dance in between my thighs. My nipples were hard and straining for his attention as he kissed me. His kisses trailed down my neck. I felt his cock fully recovered and pressing against my ass. His kisses trailed down my chest. He took my left nipple in his mouth, the warm wet sensation of his lips on my nipple and his hardening cock pressing at me made my pussy quiver with anticipation. He trailed kisses across my chest and to my right nipple. His tongue made circle around the area of my nipple, teasing it with little flicks and nips before he took it in his mouth and worked it over with his teeth and tongue. I squirmed and wiggled my ass, trying to get it to slide in. He caught what I was doing and pulled away.

"Not yet," He laughed, "I'm glad to see you want my cock." I felt his hands travel up my legs. He unfastened my legs from the brace and rested them on his shoulders. He teased my clit with the head of his cock. He slowly poked himself deep inside. I moaned as he penetrated me. He moved slowly. My pussy quaked with every inch. With a very steady rhythm his thrusting began. His fingertips found my nipples. I felt his hands travel up my arms to the place where my hands were fastened. He moved my hands from above me to behind his neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he continued to pound. He put his hands under my ass and lifted me off the chair. Our lips met. He carried me a few steps and laid me down. His thrusting was unmerciful, hard and deep. Exactly, what I was needing after all of his teasing. His lips found my nipple. He sucked it hard into his mouth. Waves of orgasm splashed over me. I could feel him begin to twitch. He exhaled a guttural moan and slammed his cock deep into me. We twitched and convulsed together for a few moments and then melted into a puddle of flesh. He kissed me with deep passion I felt his fingertips stroke from my cheek, down my neck, to the valley between my breasts and down my stomach. We laid there for a few minutes, before he eventually got up.

"This is going to sting and then you will fall asleep. After that I will take you back to your bed. Don't worry my dear I will see you again Friday afternoon, but I will send you a package on Wednesday with your instructions," I smelled alcohol. Then felt a prick and a stinging sensation.

The next morning I woke up in my dorm room, in my night clothes. My poor pussy ached as I turned over. A shiver ran through my body as my right nipple grazed the mattress.

I rolled over with luscious thoughts of my new gentleman and drifted back to a heavenly sleep...

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