Her pleasure  

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12/7/2005 11:59 pm

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Her pleasure

So many men are involved only in the search for their hedonistic orgasm. I do not mean, in any sense of the word, that a earth shattering orgasm isn't soul cleansing, but maybe some re-thinking of how we get is in order.

Personally, I think that a man has the moral duty to satisfy the woman first, last, and always. She is giving of her wonderful body for us to gain pleasure, and sometimes at a sacrifice of her own desires. Does she desire you to wait and be very gentle before touching her glorious clitoris? Or are you in the mind that muff diving is all she wants and start licking like she is the last lollipop on earth?

When you are preforming cunnilingus do you make sure that she is on her back, legs splayed with her knees towards her stomach? Do you support her legs so she has the ability to totally enjoy the pleasure she is due? Do you gently part her labia and slowly massage and kiss her vulva until it becomes flush and her clitoris, swollen, red, and peeking out from its hood? Do you probe her vagina with your tongue and let it dance on her labial lips? Do you bring her to orgasm after orgasm until her clitoris is so tender that all she desires is slow and rhythmic penetration?

All people who desire pleasure should check their technique and strive to improve on their last performance.

rm_LookN4Fun805 57F

12/8/2005 1:12 am

Wonderfully written.... made me think of one person in particular that I met via AdultFriendFinder. He sends me time and time again into the earth-shattering throes of orgasms through my uncharted g-spot. I never knew sex could be so spectacular, even from our very first time together.
Which in the past, used to be an awkward (although, exciting) experience for me, because some men just don't take the time to let the woman get to that fully-aroused state where all she can think about is him inside her.

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