As She Lies Sleeping  

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8/25/2005 9:42 pm

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As She Lies Sleeping

One of favorites ... written in between excitement, as an ex-girlfriend 'needed' a little nap ...

She seems to have found peace
Something I will never know
She is as one with the world
As I stand alone

Sleep has overtaken her
Just as it usually leaves me behind
Her breathing even and relaxed
As my mind races through the day

The stress of the world leaves her
If only for the hours of slumber
But my world trudges on
The quagmire thickening every moment

As she lies sleeping
I put ink to paper
I watch her stretch and move
Watching the fluid motion

Hearing her sighs and moans
As she recounts our actions
My mind moves to the future
When I will wake her gently

When I will bring her to consciousness
Slowly increasing her breathing
Making her movement writhing
Bringing her toward a state of excitement

It will be my turn to enter bliss
My turn to find rest in her ecstasy
To exercise my passions
To live in my brief world

I will stride to appointed ends
Stopping only to increase my goal
My time is fleeting
Sometimes a moment, sometimes more

Then there is breathing and content
Fingertips and aftershocks
My mind starts to go real
And the world starts flooding back

I run my hands over her back
Till the even breathing returns
My mind returns to thinking
And she returns to slumber

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