My Life; for what it's worth  

passion5_aries 37M
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12/20/2005 8:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My Life; for what it's worth

Noone ever gets the realness out as hard as I can and will. I'm not scared to let anyone know about themselves. I don't care how nuch clout you have and if I don't care for your style you gets no respect from me. To all you rich wealthy healthy happy go lucky faggots, fuck you and die!

Now That that is out th way lt me giv you me. I'm a regular dude on this site tryin to fall in some pussy, that's close by or in my range of travel. I like to spend money which is why I have none now.

This job searchin shit is about to get old and my unemployment check just stopped so I'm living with my dad until somethin pops off. I gives a fuck about you shallow ass people that aare looking for a dude that's on his own and got his life together, I respect it but fuck you! If you knew what I went through after I got out the probably still wouldnt give a fuck. Oh well. So now that all my funds are gone and I'm a lone I gotta jack off and believe me it's getting old. Oh? I'm sorry did I offend you? So why the fuck are you still reading? Because it's human nature to be entertained by other peoples misery. Why do you think we have so many trash ass reality tv shows?

It's crazy right? Yeah almost as crazy as me finding some sexy pictures on this site and masterbating to them. So if that's what you females want then be happy to know that at least one guy finds your pussy tantalizing.

And these fake ass dudes that right these testimonials thinking theyr the shit so thy can do it. You still reading?

I'm here to let you ladies know who are looking for their soulmate or just friends, that you're lying to yourself. Why are you on this site with your legs wide open or half naked looking for that special someone. The only thing you should look for is some guy to pop that ass every now and then and bust a ferocious nutt in your mouth and send you your way or send him on his way.

Too much? Can't handle the criticism? Oh well, I guess that's why they call me the villain.

I take nothing back either.

"The Vilan"

rm_barballer 50M

1/1/2006 2:33 am

Who the fuck told you life would be easy? Mabye Daddy should have told you that life is hard, damn hard, and only the weak sit around, piss and moan, and attack others because of there own weakness.

And what do you mean "until something comes along"? There is no shame in pumping gas, washing dishes, or anything that pays the bills. Get your head out of your ass, grow up, stand up and get out there. I know there are many members here who have had it worse...and you have the nerve to berate them? Buck up a man...or at least get a clue as to what a man is...

rm_barballer 50M

1/1/2006 2:34 am

AND I AM ALSO AN don't mess with the ram

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