The aura of a sensuous woman, and how many women kill their sensuousity in their A-F-F profiles  

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The aura of a sensuous woman, and how many women kill their sensuousity in their A-F-F profiles

The aura of a sensuous woman, and how many women kill their sensuousity in their A-F-F profiles

INTRO - Why a good aura is important

This article is about the symptoms of an attractive sensuous feminine aura, and the things that kill the aura. I will describe that aura below, as best I can. And then I will talk about how ladies Kill their auras.

The best connections are full of passion and intimacy with a person who has become, in a way, your friend. It isn't love, it's "friends with benefits". The alternative is a negotiated superficial encounter in which money does not change hands, and mutual respect does not develop.

Those who crave a large number of superficial encounters, because they have a powerful itch they can't satisfy, might be surprised to find more satisfaction in a smaller number of fulfilling connections. And the risk is lessened, as well. If chemistry exists, the fulfillment from the encounter goes far beyond mere superficial physical satisfaction. The difference between a superficial encounter and a fulfilling experience is quite dramatic.

I move on when I see an aura that is not sensuous and feminine. But when I detect a good aura, I feel the possiblity that I could develop chemistry with this person, and so I am interested.

Create an attractive feminine sensuous profile in order to present a good sensuous aura, and you will have a greater chance of finding a sensuous man and developing fufilling chemistry.

Determining whether a lady has an attractive sensuous aura

The aura a lady conveys is more important than any other trait. An attractive sensuous feminine aura tells me I could possibly develop chemistry with a lady. Chemistry leads to a truly fulfilling experience.

Describing a good aura is like describing art or a taste or a sound. The aura has nothing to do with any particular fact about her life, such as her job or social station. Her aura reflects the internal person.

Here's what I want to feel as I think of her, just knowing what is in her profile: I want to feel her femininity, her gentleness, her openness, her sensitivity, and a strong undercurrent of desire for passion and intimacy.

A photo is very helpful but not required initially. If I see a photo, I study it closely. I look deeply into her eyes, at her expression, and the setting she chose. After all, she chose that photo because She thinks she looks good in it and it presents the image she wants people to see. It's my job to figure out what she is trying to tell us about herself.

Then I read whatever profile information she might have posted, and I also read between the lines. Taking cues from her revelations, I can reasonably speculate about the kind of life she has had and the kind of life she leads now.

She should not talk directly about her experience meeting men off of A-F-F or casually in life. It's understood that she's probably open to meetings, since she is on A-F-F. She should not permit explicit testimonials.

It's best not to be graphic, but leave some things to the imagination. Don't come across as too easy. Talk plenty about your non-sexual likes and dislikes, so we can get to know you. You can talk about your favorite romantic things.

Of course a lot of guys will disagree with me - they want you to broadcast "open for business" in effect. And a lot of you do just that. That's crude and cheapens you, and is not sexy and sensuous. Have more respect for your worth - you will still find plenty of A-F-F guys to be with.

My impression of a lady's aura sometimes changes after we start communicating. But I'm usually right in my initial feeling, even if we do not end up making a good connection. The main problem I experience is that ladies will remain too guarded for too long, and I lose interest. I'm pretty patient, but I've got my limits. I guess I should also mention the occasional episode where I really like a lady's aura and then she sends me her photo and it's just too much for me to deal with. There is someone for everyone, though.

Aura killers

Here' s my rule: You are not attractive just because you are pretty. You are not feminine just because you have a pussy. You are not sensuous just because you like to fuck.

If you desire to come across as an attractive feminine sensuous woman, then avoid the following Aura Killers:

1 - Controlling Bitches

Don't be dictatorial in your profile. Show your soft side. Don't talk about how impatient you are, don't demand much of anything in particular. Instead, talk about what you prefer or what you like. Don't "require" much.

2 - Fraidy Cats

For God's sake ladies, you are on A-F-F, where people come to be open about their human needs. So be open within the bounds of reason! Post a picture, and tell us about yourselves in enough detail for us to think that you are a real adult woman who is not a psycho. If you tell us nothing, you will not attract as many quality responses - you will attract more responses of the desperate and risky sort.

3 - Whorey Sluts

We're not looking for marriage - we want friends with benefits. But we don't want our noses rubbed in the fact that you fuck a lot of people you hardly know. We'd like at least the Illusion that you don't let That Many guys in. Those of you who allow lots of testimonials from your fuck buddies are doing yourself a great disservice.

No matter how sweet and beautiful you are, ladies, if you come across as living a whorey slut life, you are making yourself look bad.

With whorey sluts we wonder what diseases you might have, whether you might be alcoholic or into dope, or whether you are emotionally unstable. Those are not pleasant thoughts. Men don't respect whorey sluts, even if we are nice to them.

Despite the ugliness of your whorey slut profile, you will find hoards of guys willing to fuck you. But you are denying yourself the close mental connection that leads to real intimacy. Mere fucking is not intimacy.

Many of us want a more fulfilling human connection than a pure physical experience, and you might too, if you'd seek out that kind of connection. If you think you must appear whorey to attract men on A-F-F, you are so wrong.


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