The game we play - part 2  

pashun8nfun 56M
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8/4/2006 11:31 am
The game we play - part 2

In this game we play, we see all kinds of strategies for trying to win the attention of the opposite sex, at least for most. The pictures that are posted range show anything from close-up shots of male/female body parts to the fully clothed. In their profiles, some are very forward about what they want by saying all they're interested in is a good fuck. Then there are those in-between who are looking for a relationship for companionship and benefits on the side with no commitment. The others are simply looking for a loving, personal, long-term relationship for marriage. Again, if I were to relate it to the game of football, I would say that some take the ball, put their heads down and run straight ahead attempting to bust through the line. Some have the ball pitched to them as they round the end and make their way upfield. The others run down the field in hopes of catch a hale marry in order to score. In this game we play, it is much like the game of football where if you are able to score depends on many variables such as how tough is the defensive line, what formation are they in, what is the weather like, and how good is the coaching. The only problem, if you will, is that in the game of football there can only be one winner. In the game we play, both sides can win, though I guess you could say that both sides could lose too but we'll try to be optimistic and hope everyone ends up a winner - in the game we play.

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