Europre Part Deux  

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7/13/2006 12:56 pm
Europre Part Deux

Ok ok...maybe 38DDs ain't THAT big. And my mistake, the biggest i saw was 38EEs. And yes, as usual, there are bigger. Guess i've just been missing out

And Amsterdam got cancelled on me
There was a fuck-up with the ticketing and we couldn't get on the flight so they re-funded us. That or fly next week. Didn't want to cos the boys gotta run back to work. Oh well..more of UK i guess...

Good news is i made 300pounds yesterday. Not bad for a days work. We were walking across the millennium bridge in the morning heading to the Tate Modern when a gust of wind blew up my dress. Its not the longest sun dress and the boys were carrying everything so it blew til halfway up my belly. It was bloody embarrassing and wat made it worse was ppl clapping after

i swear, no rock could have saved me...

Soon as i got across, this guy came up to me and offered 75pounds an hour for me to pose for his art class. Being typical Singaporean, i haggled and got the price up to 100pounds pays to bargain..

So we dropped Tate Modern, (its always gonna be there) and i made myself 300 pounds just sitting my ass down for 3hrs. Not a bad deal..tho i had to stand for one hour..but yea. So those who need cash while travelling, search art classes out. Extra cash is never bad..

Til the next time

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