parkingspacereq 46M
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5/5/2006 6:51 pm

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6/2/2006 6:13 am


where shall i start, the beginning i hear you say.
good a place as any i suppose.
by being myself and not giving any bullshit do i come across as too keen, nieave, or as me.
my intention is to be me, just good old honest me, the cheeky chappy who is always smiling, someone who can listen well and enjoys alot of fun. i enjoy chatting and want to meet the people i chat with whereever they are. i like to listen and try and be of help. am i too nice. that has been said before and maybe i should start thinking about me for a change but then i think no, that is not who i am, and then become like all the bullshitters out there and only kidding myself.
i find it very easy to talk to people and wonder that if we do meet will they see me as the person they chat to or just a bloke that they may pull. when i meet i am not thinking about that, well a little maybe, i am interested in them, maybe you might say nosey but i want to know these people, rather than a shag and then never speak again, i want and need friends and i believe that i have developed some great frienships with people and if you are one of these people who read this i thankyou, you bring a smile to my face.
if you want to know me then mail me.
are we all using this site as a form of therapy, wot are we missing in our lives, are we desperate, sad, or need fun and something that we cant get in the real world.
sorry if this is waffle just trying to be me.

to the people i know and you know who you are i want to meet you all, you are all my friends and i value you all.fcuk i am getting deep and am tired. to certain ladies and one in particular who i shall meet you are all special andi f you ever need to chat or i can help then get my number and tell uncle parking as he is there for you.
just realised for some one who is so happy this sounds a bit depressing ,lol

hope you all understand what i have said and if you have any questions, please ask as you will always get honesty from me.

on a lighter note - idid domething for the first time this week by having phone sex with someone, am dreading the bill, as it was so good and to this person, thankyou. wot r your thoughts on phone sex, skype will be appreciated to reduce phone bills though lol. i believe that many firsts can be obtained so if you want me to help with a first for you, or you for me then let me know.
it is now 02:44 in the morning so good night and god bless.
moscow as my bed is calling
be good and be careful

Sulabula 46F
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5/6/2006 7:20 am

I would agree with those is not waffle...not at all makes sense...this site is a lot of things to a lot of escape from reality...therapy...a community of like minded people and as for phone sex? I get migraines from it but I have experienced many firsts from this site...some I hope happen again

Sula xxx

come visit my blog

rm_dizzyandfun 49F
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5/6/2006 9:24 am

Sula said it best!!!

diz xx

parkingspacereq 46M

5/6/2006 11:01 am

thankyou both for your special comments

rm_gata11459 59F
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5/6/2006 8:44 pm

parking, you have become a good friend in the site and out, your words are lovely and give me a more candid view of who you are.. a real human being xoxo k

Peace xxx K

rm_shar1 57F
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5/20/2006 5:41 am

Uncle Parky..can I have your number???

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