Where the hell....?  

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10/12/2005 8:18 am

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Where the hell....?

Where the hell have I been? Seems like I've been gone only a day. Been gone for like 2 weeks. Productive weeks though. Was in Europe for a while. I use to live there and it was good to go back for a while. Good to be back where most people are not so hung up about sex. You got to love French women. I don't know much French but I can get by, enough to meet a terrific lady in Lyon. Went to her house, her husband was at his mistresses house, and I applied myself in learning French better. Vive la France.

In the US there is so much made of Europe being socialist, nanny state, etc. which there is some truth to, BUT, they do treat their citizens as adults. Not as much trying to regulate behavior, and there is an acknowledgement that YOU are responsible for you own behavior.

Its like the stories you hear in the news about college students that die from alcohol poisoning at a Frat party. There will be much discussion about how they got the alcohol, who supplied it etc, why doesn't the college (in loco parentis) stop such behavior. Granted if this was my son or daughter I would be upset. But barring Frat hazing, this was an adult that made a bad decision. Tragic though it is, don't denigrate their memory by assuming they were too simple-minded to make their own decisions.

Somewhat related thought...

Does anyone go crazy listening to GW Bush. Set aside the content of his speaches, but just the tone sets me off. Took me a while to figure it out. I saw a documentary a couple of months ago that featured speaches from Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan (not so much) and the thing that struck me concerning them vs GW was they were talking to adults. GW reminds me of a elementary school principal talking to 3rd graders. There are no sentances of more than 5 or six words (not counting Umm's and Ahh's)

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