Are you this guy? (warning fiction involved!)  

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8/25/2005 4:34 pm

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Are you this guy? (warning fiction involved!)

I'm bored, time for a little story....

Every man has a different relationship with his penis. Some are ashamed because they think it’s too small. Some are ashamed because it’s too big. Some believe it’s just right and cannot prove it. Some have just the right stuff and know how to use it. They believe in foreplay and arousal. They revel in the taste of a dripping pussy and the feel of hard nipples against their chest. They even like it when a woman takes charge. This is the man I enjoy, he can let control go once in a while, not afraid of losing his masculinity, but enhancing it.

This is the man I would walk up to and kiss gently on the lips. A little kiss then a flicker of a tongue across the lips, waiting to be invited in. Tongues tentatively touching, then feeling the arousal in both. Then I would kiss that smooth freshly shaved cheek, blowing air across his ear and then kissing the neck just under the ear. I can feel his passion raising. He likes it. He likes it a lot! Be fore he is fully erect I push him playfully on to the bed and unzip his pants. A half-erect penis greets my eyes. I look up at him and smile. It’s a smile of knowing, wanting and greed. Before he moves, I gently grab his cock and blow on the tip ever so softly. It twitches and suddenly totally becomes engorged. I bring it to my mouth and pop it inside then stop, just to tease him.

He enjoys the warm, wet feel of my mouth around his eager cock. He pulls my long hair back so he can see my mouth invaded by his cock. A smile crosses his lips. Then he winches in pleasure as I start to move slowly. I grasp his cock near the balls and let my hand run along with my mouth up and down his shaft. I use gentle suction as I move faster. He resists the urge to put his hand on the back of my head to make me move faster. His hips rise steadily up. I can feel his excitement ready to release his load in my mouth. I stop and quickly remove my panties. In one swift move I lift my skirt and sit in his lap.

I settle quite quickly onto his inviting cock. My juices are all around him, dripping out onto his legs and thighs. I’m so wet because I love giving head. After the initial thrill of penetration, I can’t control myself and have an orgasm. He pulls me down to him and holds me so he can experience it as well. My pussy contracts on his cock in the most delicious of ways. Once that orgasm has passed, I pull up and push him on his back. I begin rocking back and forth enjoying the hardness filling me up so completely! He has his hands all over me. He is feeling my breasts and guiding my perfect pink nipples into his mouth one at a time. He bites one, but not too hard, and that sends me into another shudder of ecstasy. I grip his cock with every muscle in my pussy as I come jumping up and down riding that hard, hard cock for everything it’s worth! Just when my orgasm it complete I feel his whole body tighten up underneath me, he can wait no longer, he must come. I don’t miss a beat as I continue up and down. Suddenly, he moans and cries out in pleasure; I begin to cum again. This time it’s better then before, every muscle in my body is involved. I scream out my pleasure and lose control. When we are both done cumming, I trap his still hard penis inside me. Squeezing it occasionally to give us both waves of pleasure. He says, “Next time I want to be on top”. I just smile.

A friend keeps telling me to put these kinds of stories in the AdultFriendFinder mag...what do you think?

rm_sound_wv 43M

9/5/2005 4:09 pm

You are soooooo good. You've got my body attention all right.

fumanzoe 42M

9/6/2005 12:08 am

wow......i started ta masterbate and didn't realise it till i was done reading. very nice. you jus gave me another fantasy thaat i'd like ta fullfill

KenoshaDude469 50M

9/14/2005 6:08 pm

sometimes fantasy writing is based in reality?? I could be that man who would relinquish control and revels in foreplay contact me sometime maybe we can find out

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