A Kiss can set you free?  

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5/24/2006 7:08 pm

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A Kiss can set you free?

I write my first blog, and was not really sure on what. I have read many blogs, some quite good, and some, well honestly when i was done, i actually thought i was dumber afterwords then before i read it.

Well, so much for my sense of humor. So, back to the topic at hand, i truly had a revelation of sorts. A simple Kiss! What can a kiss tell you? Can a kiss tell you about the person? How they are in the Bed? What kind of a person they are? Can you find out the TRUTH?

I personally feel, from my experiences, all of the above questions can be answered about a person just by a kiss. I will tell you about a dating experience i once had.......... I had met this person from an on line ad. She was quite attractive, very intelligent, and seemed very nice to chat with. The on line chatting soon developed into telephone conversations. The conversations were going very well, and we went out on our first date after a grand total of 3 weeks. I thought it was odd that it took that long, but, since we were both single parents with very young kids, i thought "well, maybe for the kids benefit, she is being super cautious." The first date went well. The pictures that i had seen of her, well, for a first time looked exactly like her. Lets face it, if you have done any dating off the internet, you can see many fakes along the way. Well after the first date, more telephone conversations ensued. The following weekend, I asked her if she would like to go out on Saturday night. She said she a plans for Saturday, and would not return home till late, Could we not do this on Friday night. Of course, i said OK, but the whole time i was thinking man, saturday would have been better i could have at least caught a nap after work and would be more lively........(omg, did i say NAP???) Well, the second date went well and more telephone conversations ensued. 3rd date, a specific time and day. The date went well, but, i'm getting a little suspicious. The following weekend was skipped, reasons as before, "too many plans with family and friends, and would not be able too, i'm so sorry" she said very cautiously. Well, after the skipped weekend we had our 4th date and as before, the date went well. As i was driving home, i was thinking, wow, 4 dates and not even a kiss yet? Not even a peck on the cheek? the rest of the weekend, questions raced threw my mind Was she,

A. Being super cautious because of the kids?

B. Being cautious because of her past and been burned so many times?

C. Just Naturally slow on the uptake?

D. A Player

E. Involved with another person and secretly wanting to see another person?

F. Just a figment of my imagination, because i am clueless about women?

(please pick one of the above in your comment because i would like to know how many guessed it correctly. The answer is below)

ANSWER---------- Well, almost 3 months was nearing, and we were getting ready for the 5th date. I swore when i left the house i was going to at least get a kiss. One kiss, that was it. I wasn't asking for a romp in the sack, just one kiss. So, The date went well as all the rest. As we stood in the parking lot and were talking, I reached over and caressed her face and asked, if it was ok if i kissed her. She smiled and said i would love to. As i leaned over to kiss her, i thought, i'm going to give her the mother of all kisses. The long, sensuous, passionate kiss that should have told her by my standards, i'm ready for a relationship, and this is what i'm about. As we kissed, i could feel her leg start to shake, her breathing got heavier, and i felt her heart racing as i ran my hand across her back. This kiss seemed like it lasted forever and as i pulled away, she opened her eyes and said "omg, what was that?". I just smiled, and told her my kiss to you. She nervously fumbled for her keys and said she had to go, and i kissed her on the cheek and told her i would talk to her tomorrow. As i walked to my car, i noticed her leaving the parking area like her house was on fire. I was like hmmmmmmm, i wonder what that was about? Well from where we were at, it was about a 15 min drive to my house, when i walked in the door i sat there and watched the rest of sports center, then went to my computer to play a game of spades before bed. I turned on my computer and low and behold there is an instant message from her. I was like hmmmm, maybe that got her attention, in my smart ass tone of voice...lol. As i read the letter, i started shaking my head in disbelief and relief at the same time. To give the short version of it, it was a long letter of sorts, in confession form, that she was seeing 4 other guys at the same time and that she was hesitant about me being the 5th after that kiss tonight. She had never been kissed like that, and she felt that i would get hurt if our relationship turned toward intimacy.

Well did any of you answer D?

So how does this relate to to topic? Well you can tell alot from a kiss. I believe you can tell if the person is truly open to Love, a relationship of a long term nature, just horny as hell or all of the above. I think you can tell what type of person they are from a kiss, weather they are loving, passionate, or just plain lazy . I think it also will correlate how they are in the bed to a certain extent. If they are passionate while making love, sensuous, rough, selfish, or just a dead fish. And even in some cases, it can give you the truth. Maybe not all the time, but if your capable of touching the person's heart, with a kiss, the truth might just set you free!!!

So, what are everyone's feelings on this topic?

_CoffeeNoCream_ 54F

5/25/2006 2:52 am

I blogged this a while ago about this topic...

Do You remember that feeling just before the first kiss ? I think I said to you the other day that I remember my first kiss more clearly than the loss of my virginity. And almost without exception, I remember all my first kisses better than I recall all the first times I have made love.

There is a breathlessness and an expectancy that is tangible. It is such a personal, intimate moment, but for me the raw excitement of a "stranger's" kiss itself is the defining moment. No two people kiss alike. No two people taste the same, or hold their heads the same, or breathe in the same way, or move their tongues in the same way, or hold their bodies against you in the
same way. People can kiss according to their moods...languidly, passionately, submissively and aggressively. But these are just gradations of their kiss. I am certain that I could more readily tell my lovers apart by their kisses, than by any other sensation of touch and taste.

There is breathless expectation too in the moment before two bodies are fully joined. the slight, warm, welcoming hardness off a man's body.
The pressure of his sex. The unbearably nerve-tingling limbo before the indescribable sensation of feeling him sliding inside. But that is an ntimacy that has always been preceded by the kiss, and for me it is the kiss that marks the beginning of physical togetherness.

Thank you my lover for making me remember fondly those first kisses, and to imagine a future kiss, your eyes holding mine...

Liefs Coffee

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