Women and their double standards....  

pampam4 58M
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8/16/2006 12:52 pm

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Women and their double standards....

If anyone has checked out my profile, they'd see I'm married, not happily, but hooked. I joined this site, (and 4 others) to meet a woman, discreetly of course, to experience what I'm not getting at home. OK fine, I'm an animal, I admit it. I love women, all women, white, black, Asian, Spanish all kinds. And I have female friends who know all about me. They don't like me being here, and give me alot of grief for it, but I'm safe for now. They won't snitch. Recently I had a female friend tell me of her co-worker. She said her friend's husband is out of town 3-5 days per week. Her friend has now started looking for love on the side. She's lonely, and has needs, if her husband won't respond to those needs, then it's ok for her to have a fling on the side. Am I missing something here? It's okay for her, but not for me. Explain that one to me. Or how about the Bengals game Sunday night. We went together as a group, 12 of us. The men were busy checking out thr fine scenery, with the women getting on us about it, look don't touch, you wouldn't know what to do with it if it bit you on the hand, that kind of crap. Turns out we catch them checking out the sights as well. We give them the whats and wherefores. But we're in the wrong. It's okay for them but not for us. Its too late to change the rules of this game now. Hate those double standards.......

RedHairBBWJcyASS 40F

8/26/2006 10:52 pm

Sugar.... chill.. and don't worry bout what everyone else thinks, wants and judges on life. You don't need to walk in the shoes they put you in... You are you! And if they make you feel annoyed or uncomfortable, then you have a problem with YOU!

But don't let them get under your skin. And I'm sorry you and your bunch of friends all married people that can't make you happy. Too many people marry for the wrong reasons. But that was your choice and you're in for life!

LMAO Chances are... any couple with one person cheating in the relationship or "LOOKING", is fantasyzing about that human object. And to me, the moment a spouse starts to fantasize about someone else, and it's not their partner... that's the first toe out the door.
No offense.... I am not condemning these marriages... just saying... it's like this.
Mom always said: "You made your bed, now lay in it!"

Complain and be annoyed all you like... but you didn't get to this position in your life alone... but looks like you ought have thought twice with your soul and heart, rather than hyper feelings and intense emotions. That are now where?? Gone, drowned, snuffed out...

lol I'm just smiling... I see it all too much! Too often...

Sorry to hear you let all these others mess with you... but if you tell your business like that to them, then you put up with the crap!
I'd say from now on, drop it, keep it on the low, and be sensitive to YOU.... don't mess up your life too much... it will come back to bite you in the END !

RedHairBBWJcyASS 40F

8/26/2006 10:59 pm

Oh an one more thing... send me an email here on AdultFriendFinder... soon

pampam4 58M
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8/30/2006 12:40 am

Red, thanks for your insight, your comments had a heartfelt tone. I just jumped in for a few moments to check thungs out. I'll e mail you later this week. tu

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