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3/16/2006 6:14 pm

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Cpl Jeffery bailey

You will recall that Jeffrey was critically injured in the bombing incident in Afghanistan in January that took the life of a Cdn diplomat.

Don't expect inflamed appeals to patriotism here, I don't believe in the American model.

Back to Cpl Jeffrey Bailey, he's the subject, I am merely a voice here.

While in Germany, his medical prognosis was not good. Prayers were said, now it seems that they may have been answered. I can't say anything about that, as I do not practice or even believe for that matter.

Jeffrey has awakened from his coma. He is now talking, his mind is getting clearer and has even started making short conversations. Jeffrey is starting to to try to feed himself normally and has been walking with assistance.

Doctors are waiting for test results in order to move him from isolation; once he is clear, he will be able to move to the Glenrose rehabilitation center and get into intensive rehabilitaion.

Dying on a mission is easy and definitive; it just happens and life goes on for everybody else.

The point of this blog entry is that I invite each and every one of you to think of the harsch reality that the families of maimed soldiers will have to live in; after all, they didn't sign the dotted line to serve.

Their lives have changed from the moment the phone rang to announce an official visit. Luckily, Jeffrey will recover, but it will take some time and a lot of efforts from everyone around him.

Let them know that they are not alone or forgotten in their ordeal.

Be prepared to do this often, as it is but the beginning...

LustyKitten69 48F

9/3/2006 1:29 pm

Thank you Page_Down for your insight! We, has Canadians, have to appreciate all the freedom we live each day! Often something most of us take for granted! Seeing Soldiers as barbaric is a misconception of most! What we don’t realize, you have been trained to defend our country or others in this case… But it doesn’t take away from the individuals you all are! You have to live with tragedies on a continuous basis and sometimes forever for the most part! Often life changing experiences! It’s easy to say it’s just another dead or injured soldier, but what they don’t realize; it’s everything surrounding the event that goes with it that makes it of extraordinary magnitude! Getting to know soldiers, they are very caring individuals. With families, friends, goals in life… And most of all, a heart and passion for just cause! As we get to sleep peacefully at night, someone is away from his or her family trying to stay alive and be able to return home… Safe! My hat’s off to you for all you’ve done! From a friend…

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6/5/2007 7:05 pm

Page_Down, having been a soldier as well I agree for the most part. Especially that the tough part of this profession is with the family: Spouses, kids, parents, siblings, ...

"Dying on a mission is easy and definitive; it just happens and life goes on for everybody else." This part I am a little worried about: Death normally does not just happen; this regularly is quite some ordeal for the individual and not a switch that is pulled into the off state.

Am drawing my hat when thinking of the people serving in Afghanistan to help these people getting up again and hope it happens

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