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6/29/2006 11:58 am

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FAQ #1

This is the question that I am asked most often either outright or silently, the latter by the people who read my profile.

It can be asked the polite way;

Why are you still single at your age?

Which means;


The answer to the second version is, quite simply, nothing.

It is true that I have managed to side-step the married - kids - divorced stages that most men of my age have been through. Sometimes I regret that I haven't done those things & other times I'm damn pleased that I didn't!

The reason for escaping? Work always came first. I have my own business & I'm now the third generation but part of the services that we used to offer were in high demand when others were 'on the move' at weekends, public holidays etc. so no time to socialise then! We could be called upon at any time of the day, or night, so plans could be wrecked with a phone call.

Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute (mostly) but it was not a way of life that I felt that I could bring someone into. They would resent it after a while. My mother hated it!

Attempts were made at dating but the constant re-buffs destroyed what little confidence I had so it became 'easier' to stay single & work hard.

So, that's it. You are reading the blog of a workaholic.
Things have changed now. I'm not constantly 'on-call'. Free time still has to be engineered but, once it has, it stays free & is used for doing what I like.
Business is tough but ticks along okay - most of the time!

Worryingly normal, Frighteningly sane and Intriguingly different!

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