The thrill of getting what you wanted!  

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9/9/2006 4:44 am

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The thrill of getting what you wanted!

Here is a story of going out one night with the girlfriend.It happened a long time ago and i decided to write about this experience!We
were out drinking alot when this younger man kept looking
at her.He finally came up and asked if she knew who he was
, which she had no clue.We had been drinking alot when we
left and as we got to the suv we started kissing.She was very
hot and horny and said i have an idea lets fuck right here
in the parking lot.Of course i was all for it.Well she slide
down to my waist and starts sucking my cock when i notice
the younger man from the bar was coming for the vehicle.I
was totally startled but who am i to complain when getting
such a wonderful blow job.I should say i had already unbutton
her pants and was rubbing her clit at this time.She was soaking
wet.I told her the young guy was coming right for us.He kind
of put his head down while he walked to the car next to us.All
of a sudden he looked and seen her blowing me.What a wild
site that must have been.So i motioned for him to go in the
other door.He slowly looked and started to move.When the
door popped open i had her very close to cumming with my fingers.he
opened the door and started to lick her clit while my fingers
were rubbing her.She was flooding my hand and his tongue
with juices flowing.She just moved her hips and i looked
and seen him unzipping his pants.He was going to fuck her
while she blew me and i was getting close so who was i to complain.He
slowly slide his cock into her i could feel her grip my dick
with her lips even tighter.This was it i was going to cum
and that i did.I just sat there while she licked and cleaned
me up while he kept fucking her hard she was getting close
to cumming again.I just sat there in disbelief as she got
fucked and was enjoying it with a total stranger who earlier
tried to pick her up.This was mind blowing.I guess my point
is you never know until you try!

crazygurl2xx 58F

9/9/2006 6:24 am


Lemondrop15484u 55F
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9/9/2006 4:01 pm

That sounds like a lot of fun

lickable_tight 49F

9/10/2006 10:18 am

Damn that is HOT!!!!!!!!!!

outdoorman94 48M

9/12/2006 8:48 am

Lickable i'm glad you liked it!

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