Bathing beauties  

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5/17/2006 11:24 am
Bathing beauties

So there I am working out in my complexes gym. This is a very airy and open place mostly due to the large floor to ceiling windows looking onto the pool area. I was riding a life cycle when I noticed the two beautiful brunettes sunbathing on their stomachs. As I rode mile upon mile I kept staring at their tight bums that poked up in the air. I was getting very hot and so when I was done I walked outside and took off my shirt and shoes and jumped in the pool. I swam a few laps and climbed out. By this time the girls were sitting up in chairs near my stuff. I sat down and stretched out and flexed my abs and thighs a bit. This drew just the attention I wanted.
The first girl asked “You’re new here aren’t you?” I said yes and that I had moved here from Sydney. That got the other one talking. They were Susan and Kim and they were roommates studying at UTA. I told them I had not met many new people yet. They began talking about going up to their loft and hanging out. I said sure and up we went.
In their loft they had a large living/dinning area and two bedrooms. But the main area was covered with large throw pillows and smelt of magnolias and eucalyptus. There was a large bean bag in the center of the room with the words LOVE SAC stitched on it. Kim got some beer from the fridge and told me to have a seat. The two of them went into one of the bedrooms giggling and jiggling. I had a very good idea what was about to happen and I was right. The door opened and both came out stark naked. The tan lines were very distinct and both had the nicest hairless little pussies. They clutched each other and looked at me hungrily.
They came to me and began to pull off my shorts. I hadn’t worn underwear so there was no problem. I was already hard and the two of them began licking away like I was a lollypop. I was to be graced with Susan first. She had me lie back on the bean bag and mounted me. So tight, so hot, so wet. I caressed her breasts and felt Kim get on behind her. Kim was running her hands over Susan’s belly and clit. Susan rocked back and forth and when I was about to go she hopped off and Kim put my cock into her mouth and licked the head. The sensation was different enough that I stayed hard but did not come. I say Susan go around Kim and begin eating her out from behind. Kim started moving faster. She pulled me out and began to work with her hand as she clenched her teeth. I trembled and was about to release when she popped me back in her mouth and swallowed the full load I had and sucked me dry.
I moved around and began using my fingers on Kim while Susan started licked her ass. Kim then moved around and began kissing me and Susan. Then I was ready for more and Kim took her turn. We both finished while Susan was holding on to us and humping our legs. Susan got hers next. Kim and I descended oh her like a pack of wolves. Licking and sucking and finally fucking like there was no tomorrow.
I’ve heard Texas was a friendly place. I don’t think I can go back.

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