Down on you ....  

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3/5/2006 2:39 pm

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Down on you ....

You're naked ... nude ... exposed.

I'm down on you, licking, sucking, slurping away, driving you wild. Esctasy runs up and down your spine as you moan loudly, grabbing the back of my head.

You come violently, thrashing, convulsing, as I ride your face like it's a bucking bronco.

You're quivering. I don't stop. I push you further and further into orgasmic heights. You topple over, gushing now - as my mouth holds on.

Finally letting go, your body relaxes with a thud, but you don't feel the floor. Aftershocks have you affixed to the sky, and keep you floating a few moments more.

As your pants subside, and you come back down, I roll you over onto your knees and press against you.

At first you clench, then quickly relax. I enter you effortlessly, sliding my whole length into you with one gentle push.

You're wet, sopping, way beyond moist, and my waist hits your ass, meaning I'm fully in.

I start gliding in and out. You follow at first, enjoying my girth, then you start to push back.

My cock slams into you. The force makes us both grunt, then moan as we increase the speed. My fingers rake your back, and we move faster until I'm slamming into you, you're slamming into me.

Passion and lust are firmly in control, as we drive each other higher. Thrashing, pounding, clenching, driving, we cross over into the land of carnality. The beasts in us take over as I grab your hips, and you grind into me.

Slamming, shoving, pushing, pulling, we drive each other over the brink, and I come deep inside you. not once, not twice, but over and over as orgasms shake our very soul.

I feel it coming, and so do you. One final sweeling of the cock and I explode again. You cry out as I empty my balls into you. Our senses tingle during that esctasy, more alive than ever, as together we writhe until we can move no more, and collapse into each other like two stars, dying, winking out, finally resting.

We lay breatheless for some time, then climb out of the exhaustion only to find ourselves drenched insweat, come, and post-lust musk.

Just a look is all we need to remember that event, a momentary glance. Soon we part company and return to our own lives, satiated, fulfilled, content.

... until next time ...

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