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It's the middle of summer and the rainy season is almost over and the REAL summer about to begin! It made me remember that it is said that Japan has four seasons. I have heard this often repeated over and over by Japanese people. It makes me laugh. For some reason, they think that NO OTHER place in the world also has four seasons.

"Oh," they say "But Japan has four DISTINCT seasons!"

OK..when you put i t that way,I think that this is true. But I don't think MY four seasons are the same as that of which the Japanese people speak. They would say there is winter, spring, summer, and fall. These are not accurate and I would change them. Officially, they are now known as the cold season, the rainy season, the REALLY rainy season and the IT'S-so-damned-hot-outside-the-trees-are-wishing-for-dogs-to-come-by season.

It is the last season of which I am suffering through now.

Summers in Japan are very much like visiting a sauna. With temperatiures rising into the mid-30C (that is about 90F to normal people) and 80% humidity... let's just say that there is a reason why Japaense people in general weigh less than half of that of the average American.

The IT'S-so-damned-hot-outside-the-trees-are-wishing-for-dogs-to-come-by season also brings about other interesting conditions not related to heat rash. It is also the time of year the Cicada come out. Cicada are interesting bugs. They are about he shape of a volkswagon and surprisingly enough, also about the same size. I am not saying that the cicada are big but just the other day, I saw them throw passengers out of a taxi so that they could get a ride to the beach. They will fly around and open your refrigerator door...and then complain that you are out of cheese.

Normally, bugs don't scare me. But these do. They are not poisonous. They do not bite. But... THESE SCARE ME! There are SO many of them in the bushes and in the trees. I never know when one of them will be goaded by their buddies to spook the human. When I walk past them, one will jump out and zoom past my head SCARING me and making me scream like a little girl! I have faced grown men who were twice my size and not flinched! But these bugs make me scream and run away like a little girl!

I am not attempting to impune the integrity or bravery of little girls. There are many that are quite courageous. I am just trying to illustrate that I CAN scream like a little girl quite nicely when these bugs start to chase me.


Especially when I am with a young lady and trying to impress her with my suave personality.

I am not kidding. And it also explains why I do not have as many dates as I used to.

It makes me wonder if they have any natural predators. What OTHER creature could handle these things and then actually EAT them? A friend of mine suggested that birds could do it. I question this assumption. Mainly due to the fact that any bird large enough to eat these bugs went extinct about 10 million years ago.

They are also very noisy. They make a loud chirping noise I think by rubbing their wings together. I have heard they do this to mark their territory and to find Bug Babes. I don't know if it helps the bugs at all. I assume that it does since there are so many of them. However, when I try it, I have somewhat unfavorable results.


"Excuse me, why are you yelling at me?"


"If you don't stop yelling at me, I am going to call the police."

"Huh? Woah! WAAAAAAH!!!! RUN AWAY!!!"

"You scream like a little girl!"

I read in a science book though that you can tell when it is going to rain. When the cicada STOP making noise, the chances of rain are higher since moisture in the air makes it hard for them to rub their wings.

This means that when you hear nothing, it is RAINING. And it DOES rain often. In fact, I think it rains almost every day. It is not a matter of IF it will rain today but more likely, what time?

But that is another season entirely.

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7/27/2006 9:58 pm

Welcome to the blogs! I can relate to your Cicada terror too. I lived in Yokosuka for 3 years, and Okinawa for 3 years. I loved Japan.....and reading your post made me miss it more. I hope you'll stop by my blog and say hi sometime!

osm1_2win replies on 8/1/2006 3:04 am:
Thank you for the NICE words about the stories I have been writing. Your encouragment KEEPS me going!

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