To Shave or Not to Shave..that is the Question  

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6/30/2006 8:20 am

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To Shave or Not to Shave..that is the Question

I find it becoming a major pain in the butt these days...trying to stay up with the "politically" correct, the "sexually" correct, or even the "correct" correct. When I was a teenager, part of our right to boast was having a girlfriend who was "bushy". In fact, the bushier the better. For whatever reason we equated it with her being mature and super sexual. When we'd go down to that forbidden zone, we never let hair stand in our way of getting to the "honey spot". In fact, it was a major turn on as it helped us be able to savor the taste and aroma...sounds sorta goofy now that I think of it.
In any case, I now find "shaved" as being a major prerequisite before any kind of contact is made...both males and females alike. I definitely have to admit....going down on a smooth, shaven gal is super outstanding. And now, us guys have to be the same way...that in and of itself isn't that bad...but wait...Now its expected that us guys have no hair anywhere on our bodies...totally smooth..fur less so to speak. Is this part of a master plan to render everyone unisex where there's no sexual masculinity or femininity? What happened to the "good ole days?" Are they gone forever?

kumin4u48 69M

8/5/2006 10:13 am

Frankly, I look smaller than I am when I don't shave. Has a tendency to turn some ladies off before ever starting. Yea, I grow a lot of hair on my dick and balls and everywhere around it. Well, Istarted shaving and damn what a difference. THe only thing I shave is my dick and balls. The other hair is still there. I make sure it stays smooth with very little if any stubble. It feels great to me when I reach down and grab it. It's fabulous to feel a tongue lapping all around too. I can actually feel the tongue now instead of the pressure around it. Once I started shaving daily, no big deal. Easy to do while in the shower and the feeling of washing it clean is indescribably great. The rest of my body hair is where it grows, it stays. Preference of my partner is more important than following what others do. I get a bigger thrill out of pleasing my partner. When she's happy, I usually get the better deal.

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