Profiles in Wonderland  

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6/23/2006 9:01 am

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Profiles in Wonderland

I suppose another thing that often makes me laugh...sometimes sarcastically is the way we write our profiles. To me profiles are a synopsis of who we are, what we are, who we want, or what we want....albeit in short form hopefully. Buzz words used to pique our curiosities should cause contacts to be made for further discussions. Granted, there are lots of career emailers but generally they can be spotted and dealt with accordingly.
Connie and I initially started with a short profile...pretty much to the point...but found out that we needed to extend it somewwhat into a novellette. Thats ok, but seems to me it takes some of the mystery out of things. Lots of times we feel like an end stand in a grocery store...but not too sure whether we're brand name or generic.
Seems to me the word "professional" is highly mis-used. Does it mean you are a professional school custodian? A professional greeter at Wally world? A CEO of some major corporation? Or could it mean you have been employed more than one day?
Highly educated is another term used some having a HS diploma is highly others an Associates Degree, Bachelors infinitum. But it becomes readily apparent when you start reading the profile and see all the shall we say "errors". I have read some where the person/persons couldn't spell the word "a" what gives. If we're in this to make friends and explore one another, in my opinion, degrees of education should pretty much be put on the back burner. I don't think inserting the fact that "we're so much in love and infatuated with each other"...but are looking for some "spice"...seems to me theres something wrong with that scenario. And of course, theres the ever popular "we're looking for clean, respectful, safe, good looking lifes of the party". DUH! Of course we all are....I wonder how we'd react if the respondant said "I am totally dirty, not trustworthy, uglier than a fence post, and most importantly a total bore.
Again, when I read lots of these profiles..I wonder...who'se kidding who?
Something that always makes me laugh is our descriptions of our other half....He/She is gorgeous, totally sexy, adventuresome, long-lasting and the list goes on. DUH What else can you say if your partner is looking over your shoulder? Can make a mirror crack...butt sexy as granpas long johns...cums in 20 seconds then he's dead for the next 3 days...she smells like rotten fish and thats on a good day...Enuff said.

SirMounts 103M

7/7/2006 8:58 pm

Yes, some profiles can be a maze of inaccurate statements and contradictions. lol
Welcome to blogging, ormond duo.

kumin4u48 69M

8/5/2006 10:31 am

WTF ..... I have a spare tire wrapped around the middle, I'm short (short dicked too for that matter) and believe it or not, my dick pleases me if no one else. Now for the other aspects of making my partner have an orgasm, I feel I am pretty damn good at it if they end up doing things they have never done before when having sex. Like jumping up and exclaiming "oh shit" .. several times while running to the bathroom, adding "that's the first time I ever came without getting drunk first", or screaming "I can't believe it I'm cumming". I have even had them pass out on me when they cum. Guess it really doesn't matter about the size of my dick when it was my tongue doing all the dancing and lips sucking on her clit. OR, could it have been my just paying attention to her and her needs? Of course I have had the "dead fish" as well. Couldn't please her no matter what and she didn't have the faintest clue as to what sex or making love was all about unless she was gang banged by the neighborhood and asked if it was best first or last. So what do you write to attract attention? Who cares? Most people on here don't respond anyhow. I have had two on here in three days to respond to my comments and wanted to join me in chatting. Hmmmm they disappeared after they sent me contact info. One day, I will find someone who will enjoy chatting first then maybe meeting then maybe more. I know one thing ... I turn my cam on and it seems like every guy here tries to view me. So what is the key or answer ... who knows. At least I try to keep the typos out and don't worry about the small stuff (except my own dick). By the way ... excellent blogs.

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