Monday - blues  

orallust691000 67M
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9/4/2006 5:52 am

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9/18/2006 4:03 pm

Monday - blues

Had a quiet weekend, managed to break my designer frames on my specs - expensive!
Last time that happened I forgot in my excitement to take them off and my equally keen partner (up whom I had my tongue!) rolled me over and sat upright - straight on my face and here buttocks crushed the frame and broke it clean off at the bridge of my nose as she orgasmed and rode my nose into her butt!
I had some explaining to do over the cuts around my nose which took a week to heal! Noone ever did find out the exotic circumstances of that breakage!
But not this time, just cleaning the lenses and "snap" - well at least no cuts and abrasions as a result.
This next week is looking more promising. I have had a couple of girls contact me as a result of reading my AdultFriendFinder magazine article on my rather foolishly being taken control of by three ladies some years ago and wanting to know if i will travel to have the same sort of session with them. I am older and more cautious now, but very tempted indeed. So, my teenage kids back to school tomorrow and hopefully my frustration over a lack of tongue exercise will soon be over! My cock could do with an outing too!

LadyHoops1515 47F

9/4/2006 7:11 am

wow..last time I had oral..July 12th..I am afraid to say...i will never get it like that again..sorry to hear about your glasses!


orallust691000 67M

9/4/2006 8:13 am

Thanks Lady,
Nice to hear from you - always happy to hear that someone else likes oral sex. It is amazing how many women like the idea but when given the opportunity to put it all into practice with a clean, hygenic male who has quite a bit of experience they decide that it is a "dirty thing to do" etc. I must admit that the sensations on both sides are wonderful and I have only rarely come across a woman who is so unhygenic that I gagged! Maybe i should add that anecdote in some future blog - but thanks for writing - I have enjoyed oral just twice since 12th July (I checked) and the parties were very happy with the result - and covered me in cum for the privilege as both were "squiters"! Mmmmmmm!
Now I am horny and frustrated! Pity you are not closer. Hope that you found the magazine article interesting!

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