A wonderful afternoon!!  

orallust691000 67M
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9/8/2006 9:38 am
A wonderful afternoon!!

They say when you are a kid, "It'll be well worth waiting for!" - when you get older, natural cynicism and experience tell you that "it might not be, after all".
As I said a couple of days back, I have been emailing and gradually getting to know this lady and her circumstances for over a year, but geography and mutual family commitments have always prevented us, even at the last minute on two occasions,getting together.
I hope that it was as mindblowing for her as for me! Thanks AdultFriendFinder - another satisfied customer!
As time passes I hope that we two manage some more mutually satisfying sessions together, in addition to our other friends on AdultFriendFinder. Variety yes, but this person is a gem!
Just for those who believe in meeting up and just hitting the couch, floor, or bed (whatever!)almost without a word - this was a classic case of spending about an hour and a half with a bottle of sparkling wine, music and a long intimate chat, before I was invited to a lovely bedroom upstairs and thereafter enjoyed nearly another two hours of pure joy on every level.
Many thanks - you know who you are - and thanks for you care and patience and sheer sensations of your mouth, hands and body on mine!
I look forward to the next time! Jon xx

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