The Lady Vanishes  

oraldelight_60 57M
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8/23/2006 10:13 am
The Lady Vanishes

Is it only me, or have other people had this problem? I call it the 'Vanishing Lady Syndrome' but it probably occurs with men too.

I have made contact with several women over the past few months, initially through the AdultFriendFinder system then following up with email, instant messaging, text messaging and occasionally phone contact - so I know at least some of them were genuine women (as opposed to men playing games, which I believe happens...) In each case we communicated at length over a couple of weeks. And then, without warning, the lady vanishes. No email, no chat, no phone. I wait for a respectable period, in case they are occupied with Important Business, then try to contact them, but there is no reply.

Now I can understand that some may decide they don't want to continue 'exploring the possibilities'. Maybe they get cold feet, or find someone taller/sexier/richer, or when they see my face pic they decide that maybe lesbianism is for them after all. But you'd think they would have the decency to say so. Vanishing without a word is just plain rude, and with all the communications technology at our disposal, there really is no excuse for it. Unless, of course, their husbands have found out and had them buried in concrete somewhere - in which case how come they can still get onto AdultFriendFinder regularly?

Have you had this experience? Should we 'name and shame' the culprits (one of whom is in the group, I note)? Maybe AdultFriendFinder should have a reviewing system like eBay, where bad behaviour is given bad marks. What do you think?

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