Men are from mars , women are from venus  

oraladventure05 53M
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8/5/2006 8:46 am
Men are from mars , women are from venus

Why, i wonder does a woman spend 10 years changing a mans habits.. making him tidy , etc, then complain he isnt the guy she married?????

As an Employer, if i talk dirty to a woman, i get sexual harassment charges prefered , on the other hand if a woman talks dirty to me....its about €20 a minute....

Opening Jars....she struggles..he takes it from her and opens it effortlessly...and pretends she loosened it.She didnt, opening jars is mens work.

When carving a roast, is it appropriate to ask males are they a leg or a breast man....and females if they want stuffing...?

After the delivery the lady stated, this time i had an epidural for the time ill have it for the conception!

and my personal fave feminist witticism.... behind every sucessful woman is a man..who let her down badly!


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