Changing The Way I Masturbate!  

opensexproject 40M
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6/25/2005 10:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Changing The Way I Masturbate!

I'm a very sexual guy as you can see from my previous blog postings.
So masturbation as been a normal part of my weekly routine mostly because I don't always have access to an sexual partner(s).

But recently, I decided to stop ejaculating during my masturbation sessions.
Something very hard to do for an guy but I think it's necessary!

I found that I have an kind of "bank" of physical sexual energy and everytime I ejaculate I spend some of it. I think most man have the same thing.
It can take days to refill the bank!

I use to believe that if I did ejaculate when jacking off on regular basis, I would become "sexual frustrated" or when with a partner(s) I might be go off prematuraly.

But I found that since I changed my ways, I'm way more calmer and in control.
I'm really learning to concentrate, manipulate and control my sexual energy.

I discoverd that "sexual frustration" comes more from being "sexual inside" but not having your body respond because a lack of physical sexual energy.

Also, I'm discovering new ways of pleasuring myself.
I have been practicing anal masturbation and I'm getting very close of reaching an "anal orgasm".
Also, I've learn to explore my body and find new pleasarue zones, like my nipples which I intend to get pierced very soon.
And the most important thing I learned is the ability to control my "dick".
I can really feel when I'm close to the "point of no return" and play with it!
It's all about breathing and controlling the PC muscle.

And when I'm with an sexual partner(s), I give them a real show.
Since I only ejaculate when with a partner(s), my erections are very hard and full.
Which I think is an very important thing, most people prefer sucking on hard cock than a soft one. It's sexier and shows to your partner(s) that you're really turned on.
Also, when I come, my loads are huge and I know for me when a man shoots an thick load down my throat I take it as a compliment and I feel very sexy afterwards.

And it's the same thing when I'm eating pussy, I love when woman are dripping wet and squirting all over my face.
I can really taste her and makes me feel good!

rm_4me2cub3x 64M
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6/29/2005 8:09 pm

This post was very helpful to me. I am very active and while I enjoy my companions immensely, I too find my bank empty---not the erections but the ejaculate. I think I'll try out your approach and discover something new. I'd love th anal orgasm. What's the technique that you use to train?

qazzaq7 47M/40F

7/7/2005 3:41 am

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