First Lick's a Good One....  

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8/1/2006 6:06 pm

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First Lick's a Good One....

Yes, my Steven and I had a couple of fabulous experiences so far under our belts...and both were amazing! As you read in the last post that Steve left, this lady was his ex-girlfriend. There were some issues to get through, but what a bridge we all crossed when we all got NAKED!

I'll call her "B". She was lovely, and as nearly all women are, a little insecure about her body. B was intimidated by my tits, but I found her smaller ones to be delightful. Sucking her nipples and feeling them get hard under my tongue was absolutely yummy! I loved kissing her and rubbing my big tits against her nipples...that great touch of nipples against nipples is so sexy, and such a turn on...

For me, the piece de resistance was getting down into B's pussy. I couldn't wait to taste her cunt, lick her clit and feel her tremble. Her clit would swell like a little balloon under my tongue, and all I could do was lick, suck, SLURP, like a hungry maniac! I could hear her moan, and suddenly...GUSH....!! B squirted her pussy cum right into my mouth, and it gushed out and over my chin. I couldn't stop lapping at that swollen clit. Eventually I arose, and I kissed my Steven...and he licked all B's cum off my face....perfectly fucking delicious!

Steve, in the meantime, was fucking me in the ass, and I was moaning against B's pussy. I wanted him to slam my ass, but there was so much else to do...

B and I had loads of fun wrapping our tongues and lips around Steve's fine cock; licking and sucking, taking turns gulping up his tasty dick, and slurping up the pre-cum that gleamed at it's tip. She would swipe her tongue over it, then I would, and Steve was carressing both of our heads, moaning and smiling. He was certainly getting some good head!

By the time the real fucking started happening, I was in heaven, watching my sexy Steve fuck B. I got to watch his fine ass flexing and fucking, shoving his fat dick in and out of B while she moaned and began breathing harder and harder. Soon I heard Steve saying "YEAH"...and I heard the pussy juice gushing out of B, drenching Steve's cock, and coating his balls. He pulled out of B, and let me lick up all her cum off her pussy, and off his dick.

By then, I was wanting to get fucked really badly! I had let Steve and B have their my legs were spread, and my pussy dripping wet and wanting that big, hard dick driven deep into my pussy...mmmm! Steve fucked me hard, and I could hear him getting close....

Steve quickly pulled out of me with a WHOOSH...and B and I found ourselves getting showered with Steve's pearly cum. He squirted it everywhere...over our tits, on our faces, and some on our lips. I licked mine eagerly, and I arose to gulp up his cock to slurp up any cum left there. Not a drop of it went to waste. I even got to suck some off B's nipples....yummmm....!

A pleasant evening yes? Steve even went on to lick B's pussy some more...sending her over the edge for another gusher all over his sexy face. We enjoyed B very much.

And now...we are ready for more...ready to share again with another lovely lady. In the meantime, Steve and I enjoy each other, loving each other very deeply with a love that is rich and profound. The overflow of that love translates into incredibly erotic sex for a lovely lady to share our bed. Could it be you?

Let us know...

openlovecircle 51M/49F

8/2/2006 12:55 pm

I love you baby! You are so right.. this post is great! HUG!

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