Honesty is a Hard and Firm Policy  

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8/12/2005 10:49 pm

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Honesty is a Hard and Firm Policy

I have a friend, who in at one time was awesome, but life caught up w/ her quick. We have an attraction, but a barrier thats too big to overcome. Tonight we went w/ some peeps to a strip club, and the gloves were off. """I have realized that when human sexual emotion comes into the picture, it changes the frame of mind.""" I finally now have a clear cut friendship w/ no sexual tension, and total mutual understanding. We dont see I to eye most of the time, but we see in and out of different points of view. Thank goodness for the situation, cause reconizing ireconsialable differences before they become an issue is a benchmark in life. I think that we all have walls, and all drawn lines in the sand that we have represented. But when it consume our life how can we embrace the other side? When is an expectation a limitation?

Stew on That.

Jar of Flies by Alice in Chains is an influence to this rant.

Trust Jesus and the others can eat rocks.

peace too

isnt that enough.

why dont you come to me and lets get profound together?

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