A memory of my past that you might enjoy  

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A memory of my past that you might enjoy

I like almost anything that gets my partner all hot and bothered
In my opinion, finding the joy in something your partners really is turned on by is a part of having a good relationship
there are lots of things that turn me on
it depends on my mood tho and the person I am with
but, I do love making my partner cum so hard they are spasming for minutes afterwards, dizzy with desire, tingly all over
and I sooo love to tease, to prolong the inevitable
I think its a very very intimate thing, and when the partners trust each other (and the whole safety thing is dealt with) I think its hot
especially if I know it turns you on
to be the center of attention, to have several men, including you, hard for me, hungry and horny, being fucked long and hard and repeatedly, cumming over and over
then having my tender pussy licked clean, orgasming again with the touch of your tongue, THAT is sexy
A long time ago, about 18 years ago, I dated a guy who loved it when we went out and I would be dressed sexy but not slutty,
more subtle than most
long wrap skirts that would part up to the top of my garter if I sat a certain way
a blouse that wrapped around my chest and if I leaned a particular way would gap open to show a ton of cleavage
sexy strappy high heels that made me tower over most men (I am 5'9" barefoot)
My long hair up off my neck, but loosely, almost the just got out of bed from having sex look
we would go to the old Bomber Squadron bar/restaurant by the airport -- it was very near where I lived at the time
and we would enter separately
and we had a challenge
he was very good looking as well
we went in with only $5 each in our pockets
and the bet was to see who could get someone to buy the first drink for us, who would at the end of the night have the most offers to buy drinks and the entire time we watched each other across the club
he loved watching me turn men on
and I was so subtle
walking around the very crowded room, taking the most crowded paths so that when I passed by men, I had to brush my chest against them, and I always did it facing them, looking up into their eyes coyly, My hand on their hip or chest as I squeezed through
feeling their cock harden as I did
I would watch him dance with other women, women who were obviously hungry to be fucked, grinding their cunts against his hardon
his hands sliding under skirts or grasping tit and ass discretely
when I would sit at the bar on a stool, I would sit so that the skirt would keep riding up,
and sit talking to men where they were forced by the crowd to press against my thigh
and I would so sublty make sure it happened
we would watch each other turning others on, getting wetter and harder the entire time
I loved it when it was so loud you had to get really close to whisper in an ear
My hands on their neck as my lips brushed against their earlobe, and the way I would hold their neck gently, would force them to look down, right into a huge valley of cleavage, my knee between their legs
I loved that power over men
sometimes i would follow the woman vying for his attention into the bathroom
and as she was washing her hands and touching up makeup, I would compliment her outfit or hair or something, touching her lightly
very sublte touches that I knew she might like
asking her if my hair was okay or makeup, or were my stockings ripped in back, anything to engage her
and come out chummy with her as he watched
sometimes I would find on that was sexy enough for me and tipsy enough, that I could kiss her, touch her
making her wet for him
complimenting her on the man (mine) she was with
telling her I had watched her with him and found them very sexy, asking what kind of fuck he was
and watching them blush
encouraging them to get him
one I even was able to get to give him a hand job discretely in the club while I watched from across the room, knowing he knew I had put her up to it
and I would sit with my chosen men, having them watch as well, telling them I had noticed something sexy
sometimes, when a guy would rest his hand on my thigh, I would move into it, or putting my hand on his, gently glide it up higher
letting my jacket hide where his hand was
pulling his ear to my lips
moaning as he touched me, whispering words of encouragement
watching my lovers eyes watching me, knowing he knew I was about to cum
and after I had cum, I would pull his wet fingers to my lips and kiss them in a way that would be viewed by others as sweet and tender
then, with my taste on my lips, I would kiss him slowly, softly, letting him taste
making him harder for more
and I loved when they would beg to go down on me
at some point I would go to the ladies room again and take off my drenched panties and bring them back balled up in my fist to slip into my b/fs hand when he was alone
it would go like this all night
both of us cumming a couple times watching the other -- he sometimes restorting to the mens room to masturbate
but by the time we were ready to leave, we would both be so hungry to fuck each other
this place was so busy that sneaking into the mens room would not have been discrete enough
and we were always careful to be seen as very classy people, but discrete when were were naughty
that was the challenge
to do things that were so subtle that others not involved, not directed by us to notice, would never suspect
I would wear a long trench coat on rainy days
and once we even fucked a bit in the club
he sitting on the stool
as I moved in close the coat covering us
chest to chest
as I undid his pants while I stood pressed against him
pulling his cock out and parting my skirt
it was not to orgasm for us both because it was awkward
but I loved then teasing other men later, having them feel me up knowing his cock had been inside me just a while earlier
that his precum and my juices were mingled now
and on another guys fingers
as I discretely licked them clean
then kissing hiim
both of our juices now on the lips of another
once, and only once did I jack a guy off
it was hard because most men are too obvious when they cum,
but one night
it was really loud -- a bachelor party or something was there
and it was dark
I had been able to get a table in a back corner
but it had two small comfy chairs across from each other, with the small table next to it
I had on the coat that night
and it had rained cats and dogs
I had deliberately worn a white blouse and let myself get drenched in the rain coming into the club so you could see thru to my very lacey bra underneath
I put my coat over his lap
pulled our chairs to face each other very closely, and sat on the edge of my seat as he leaned back
I told him to keep his eyes on mine no matter what happened
as I love to watch when somene cums
I reached up under the coat and undid his pants, his hands had also been ordered to be kept on the arms of the chair
I leaned forward with my back to the room, so it appeared we were talking
with a glass of wine in one hand
the other unzipping his pants
and I can be cool and cruel
sipping my wine non-chalantly to all observers
but I was actually teasing him
I would rub the base of the wine glass stem on my nipples which were very erect from being wet and cold in the blouse
knowing he was watching
then pulling his cock out
my nails slowly and gently tracing the veins and head of his cock
I took my time
I thoroughly enjoyed knowing he was on edge
he was also worried that someone would notice
but I was so discrete that even when the waitress came over to bring another glass of wine, she didnt blink
I even chatted with her deliberately asking her how she was doing, asking about the bachelor party, etc, all the while teasing his cock mercilessly
I kept him on edge like that for quite some time
when he would get close to cumming, I would back off and fondle his balls
I finished off my glass of wine and slipped it between his legs and milked him into the glass
looking deep into his eyes as he came, never letting him close them
and when he was done, I took the glass out and let his cum drip onto My tongue but did not swallow, instead, since I was still with my back to the rest of the bar, I left it in a glob on my tongue and moved in to kiss him deep,
and I swear he nearly came again just from that kiss, that intimate exchange
but it didnt end there
I found my lover with a woman
he had been so turned on watching us, figuring out what I was doing that he was about to explode
he finger fucked his prey, his hands wet with her cum
and fed it to her then kissed her as well, knowing I was now watching him after leaving my *victim* in a puddle on his chair
so now, he had her taste on his lips and I had my prey's on mine
we motioned to the restroom area and met over there, and kissed deep and hard, and I swear we near both came to cumming just from knowing we were kissing with the cum of others between us

AughtMusedSpill 49M

4/26/2006 11:07 am

That's quite the amazing story! And thanks for sending me over to read it

WoundFossaTinge 39M

4/28/2006 8:56 am

WOW... that was an amazing story. Chills just ran down my spine reading it.

luv2pleez1964 56M

5/4/2006 8:51 pm

The images this story evokes had my heaat racing and hair standing on end.

zadebr3 53M
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5/17/2006 8:00 am

Loved it, fabulous story and it sounds like a great way to spend an evening. To be with some you trust that must be a very beautiful thing to have. Would love to have this experience ( as the one who is with you working the crowd).

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