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8/9/2006 1:24 am
About me

I am a plus sized cutie, age 32, 5'8". I currently live alone in a small apartment. I collect allot of things from different types of dolls and other small toys, to vases, music, and dvds. I like to go swimming at my gym, and I am finding enjoyment in exercising as well. I'm talking to this 22year old college guy. Right now that's all we do is chat over the phone. He plans on meeting up with me later this fall. Though it seems like it could be a serious relationship, I would rather find someone who is much closer to me, or at least has a car, and decent income. I am knocking him. Not at all. I do like him, But he's only 22 and he's already talking about marriage. Yes it is what I want, eventually. I keep thinking about the list of things I want to find in a man: 1) A good job. 2)Decent transportation. 3)no children,I can start a family with him later down the road. A man who will listen and have some intelligent conversation with me. 4)Has good hygiene,I love a man who smells good and washes himself daily. 5) Has hair, it doesn't have to be long, just long enough to pull. 6)Is affectionate, I want to be hugged and kissed. 7)Is independent from his parents, I need a man who knows what to do in normal situations, and not need excessive intervention from his relatives, or friends. Has some sensitivity, I would like him to care about me and others, I really couldn't take it if he was a macho pig. 9)Has the time to devote and nurture our relationship. 10) Finally A man who is marriage minded and would not cheat on me at any time. I would give him the same respect. Some of my expectations have been met with this current guy, though I will admit I'm not satisfied with him yet. So until I meet him, to me we are not official soul mates. I will keep looking out for an occasional hook-up or two, and that chance encounter Mr. Right. Finished.

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