Where are the men for the fuller figured, sensual, good loving females???  

only4u71 46F
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3/11/2006 11:25 am

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10/12/2011 10:59 pm

Where are the men for the fuller figured, sensual, good loving females???

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, here we go. Im more inclined to think there are some nice guys out there it is just a matter of weeding them out from the jerks. Like they say "Life is a bed of roses, you just have to watch out for the pricks."
Still on the look out for the friend who wants to be a friend as well as a "friend/benefit" type of thing. Are there any good ones out there for the fuller figured woman who dont think they are god's gift to women and have to have the perfect figure. And yes ladies we all know the ones they look for, the women with the perfect breast size and the hourglass figure but what about the "plus size gals." We are fun and sensual and very oral at time. We love to touch and be touched and take care of our men very well once we get comfortable with you. Where are the guys who like the fuller figured woman???? Does anyone know?? Do any exist???

JustAnotherRyan 34M
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6/14/2006 1:10 am

Im sure they exist.. Maybe not as easy to find in North Carolina but thats life for you. Like roses all men have thorns .. Some just come in less thorny varieties.


rm_treydank 39M

1/4/2008 1:27 pm

I'm all about full figured women myself.

jojoboykcks 39M

7/5/2010 11:00 pm

I have to say i like fuller figured women as well, at least when you go to take them out you know they aren't gonna pick a few bites and say they are full, and you know if things get a little rough (both parties agree) you don't feel like you are gonna break something, I have always hated the "super model/barbie" look do to the fact it is so uneralistic, I like the imperfections, maybe a little fuller, one boob off sized to the other, etc... I have always found the little or even big imperfections a turn on more so than perfect and petite, honestly some of those "perfect" women i have met through out life really aren't anything at all...

juice965 52M
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7/14/2011 11:34 pm

Hi swt, send me some pic

crocobird 57M
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10/10/2011 10:27 pm

I do agree BBW's are fun, and fun to be around, they are very dynamic and energetic, the extra padding you know where is hot and feels mmm gd

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