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8/18/2006 9:49 pm
Under The Radar

Posted 14 July 2006

Last night my dom friend came over to hang out with me. My hubs has been going through some crap at work and my friend works in the same area. He's my spy. So, I called him to ask a few questions about office dynamics. He ended up coming over, going swimming with me and my sister, then we ordered pizza and watched a movie. When my sister went to the bathroom at one point he did come up behind me and start playing with my clit under my skirt. We'd been teasing each other on the sly all night so the tension was so high that I came very quickly. he clasped his hand over my mouth and I bit his finger to stay quiet. Later, because he lives in the next town north, I asked if he wanted to rack out in the recliner to save him two hours of driving when it was almost midnight and he had to be at work at 7:30. He said yes. It was meant to be totally innocent, but after my sister went to bed and before I did, I was doing dishes and he came into the kitchen. He whispered, "Here's the deal, I think she's asleep so you're going to suck my dick." MMMMMMMM.... He put his hands on my shoulders and forced me to my knees where I sucked his dick while he kept telling me not to stop. This went on for a while until he grabbed my hair and pulled me up. He bent me over and fingered the FUCK outta me until I came HARD several times. This time I was biting my own knuckle and by the time he got done I had deep teeth marks in my hand. I turned back around, got back on my knees, and started sucking his dick again until my jaw locked up. He told me that it was the best blow job of his entire life and he couldn't believe it. Said it was quite a performance and proceeded to give me a wonderful shoulder/back rub. Quite an enjoyable evening.

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