Surprise and Shower  

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8/29/2006 3:02 pm

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Surprise and Shower

Last night a buddy came over to see me. He was the one who we had done the wife swap with earlier. I was very glad to see him, hadn't seen him in forever. He had said he'd be over after 9, well, my kiddo didn't want to go down at her normal bedtime, so I didn't even get into the bathroom to take a shower until right at 9. I was about to step in when he turned the corner into the bathroom. What a nice surprise. Last night was... passionate. He kissed me and we just went at it. It was so passionate and intense to be with him. His hands were everywhere and so were his lips. It was unbelieveable. Finally he walked me back into my bedroom towards the bed, laid me down and started to play with me some more. At this point I was just almost hanging on, enjoying. He would nuzzle my breasts, my neck, and then enter me, thrusting hard, making me cum, then pull out and do it all over again. It was so wild. Over and over again that's what he did. I was going crazy! Then, oh then, he pulled my legs back and went down on me. This man is so talented with his tounge! Oh wow, and he would lick me and finger me at the same time. I came and came and came. I just didn't know what do to. He had me praying and begging, "Oh god, oh yes, please!" Then he would enter me again and thrust more. Wow!

Then he leaned over and told me it was time for the lube. Oh yes, this man is very talented... everywhere. And he has the perfect cock for anal. I love it when he pounds my ass. He grabbed the lube and in no time he was pounding away at my ass and I was rubbing on my clit and cumming over and over and over again. I was running my hands down his chest and my legs were shaking so hard I thought I wasn't going to be able to hold them up. He thrust incredibly hard into me one last time and I came so hard I came twice. That happens, but not very often. God, I loved it.

We lay there and had some water and talked for a while, then he leaned over and started nibbling on my nipples again. MMMMMMMM, he started fingering me and had me cumming and begging AGAIN. I rode him for awhile until he grinned and said, "Let's get in the shower." Oh yeah...! I went in and leaned over to turn on the water. When I stood back up he grabbed me and started teasing my clit. MMMMMMm... When we got in he did it some more. It's so awesome in the shower. He leaned me up against the wall at first, then I bent over, almost in half really, and he pounded me again until we both came with the hot water cascading down around us. It was SO nice. When I was washing up I asked if he wanted to do my back and he did. Then he did my legs and proceeded to finger me some more! I know I'm insatiable and I just LOVE it when men love it. M-M-M. Twas quite the night. I look forward to more of them with him before the BIG MOVE.

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9/2/2006 6:12 am

Very hot! I am all wet now!

Purry {=}


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