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8/18/2006 9:26 pm

Posted 11 June 2006

Wow, what a Friday night! Went out with an Army bubba friend of mine and learned a lot about myself. We went and did kareoke at this little hole in the wall bar. There was a birthday party going on with all these dark, goth people but they were the coolest people! We had such a blast! I felt SO outta place in my jeans, sandals, and mommy tank top but they kept insisting I was cool. My buddy really perked up when I asked one of the girls where she got her whip. He leaned over and asked me if I was into forceful stuff but not pain. I told him I didn't know because I'd never had the chance to really try it. He just smiled, sat back, lit a cigarette, and never said another word.

We got back to the house and he started kissing on me, then he started giving orders. It was SO hot. "Strip down to your panties." "Get on your knees and suck my dick while you get your panties wet." At one point I had to pop my jaw (hey, it happens) and he said, "Why did you stop? I didn't tell you to stop. Put my dick back in your mouth." It was SO hot. I had no idea I'd be turned on by that type of play. He started fucking my face shortly after that and asked if he were gagging me. When I shook my head no he started fucking my face harder and said, "Well, I should be." Finally he said, "Get on the bed, hands and knees." WOW! He started fingering me and rimming my ass. I just came and came and came. He kept calling me a dirty little girl. I loved that. Finally he started fucking me and talking so dirty to me I wasn't sure I was cumming from the sex (which was pretty fucking good) or from the eroticness of the talking.

Then he turned me over, shoved a pillow under my hips, and grabbed one of my toys. As he slid into my ass he slid the toy into my pussy. Oh god it felt so good. I grabbed the toy and started fucking myself with it while he was fucking my ass. It was such an awesome experience.

I just cannot get over how much I like exploring the submissive side of me. My hubs doesn't like to do that because of the emotional connection we have. And I understand that. That's why I am so glad that we do this, so we can explore things. However, if I weren't comfortable with my buddy, I never would let him do that. The comfortableness is the key.

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