Strip Club with my Dom  

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8/18/2006 9:45 pm
Strip Club with my Dom

Posted 08 July 2006

Yesterday I had to hang out with my cousin. She lost her job and wanted to do some sympathy girl time. I had plans with my movie friend but I then had to cancel those. Drat. We did the girl thing and then my dom called. He had hung out in town with some buddies after work (he lives in the next town north) and asked what we were doing. Well, my cousin is single and he's single. She has NO idea what we do but when she heard my single friend, she was like, "Tell him to come on over!" So I did. He did and we had a great time bsing. He's great to hang out with. By the time my cousin left it was too late to get ahold of my movie guy and he wasn't online anyway. I don't even have his phone number, just IM, so I plan on making that up to him later. But I'm opportunistic so...

My dom and I got together again. We got ready to take a shower, he started biting my neck and then pushed me down to the floor and made me suck his cock in front of the mirror so we could watch it. Once again I was his cock sucking whore, his good little cock sucking whore. We finally got in the shower and he made me orgasm so hard I thought I was going to fall over. He was fingering me and playing with my clit and biting my ass. Oh wow! I had to lean against him or my legs were going to fall out from underneath me while I recovered. After that we washed each other and then got dressed and left for the strip club. He wanted to go to one and I'm all about having fun so off we went.

The club was fun. We watched the girls, tipped the girls, and this one feisty red head in a Catholic school girl outfit left bite marks on both of us. While there my photographer and I started texting as well. He's going to try to come out before my dom moves at the beginning of August so we all can play together.

When my dom and I got home from the club he pretty much hardcore fucked me. He made me suck his dick, then we did a 69 where he made me suck and gag and cum. Then he fucked my ass and demanded I get out my toy and made me fuck my pussy. He kept asking me if I liked being stuffed in both holes. "Oh yes," I'd moan, "I love it, I love being a whore for you." I came SO hard. I love it! After I came harder than I've came in a long time, I sucked him off and then swallowed his load down my throat like he demanded. God it was hot. I'm going to be so disappointed when he moves...

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