Some TLC for Me  

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8/18/2006 10:06 pm
Some TLC for Me

Posted 28 July 2006

Today I found out that the horrible pain in my jaw is a wisdom tooth cutting. OUCH! My dom buddy called and asked if I wanted company. No, not like that, we're actually really good friends too. And he likes to play with the kiddo. He's only my dom when we're in bed (or near it...). Anyway, he came over and played with her and it took some pressure off of me because with the toothache and resulting headache I was really hurting. When the kiddo did go down for a nap he gave me a wonderful massage. It was so excellent but then we both got turned on. He treated me so sweetly. He stroked my hair and worshipped with my breasts. Then we had this slow, easy fuck that was really nice and relaxing until we both came. We collapsed together and he ran his fingers all over my body again. We got turned on again and I got out my toy and he watched while I played. He started stroking and he came on my breasts while I came. It was quite a nice (and relaxing) afternoon naptime. It's always nice to be pampered.

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