Morning Sex  

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8/18/2006 9:58 pm
Morning Sex

Posted 23n July 2006

This morning we slept until 12:30. Does it count as morning sex if it's after noon but you still have it within 30 minutes of waking? I'm going to say yes. My hubs went to go pick up the kids and my dom was trying to wake up before he had to head back home (an hour's drive so he had crashed here last night). I started picking up toys and things in preparation for vacuuming and trying to start cleaning and all of a sudden he was behind me feeling my ass. He loves my ass. We both got so turned on we ended up in the bedroom and he put me on hands and knees and just animalistic fucked me. It was awesome. It was great morning sex. MMMMMMMMMM... After we got done he started playing with my clit again and I got turned on again. I got out my toy and he watched me play. He kissed on my thighs and licked on my ass while I fucked my pussy and he talked so dirty to me. I love it when he watches me play. It's so erotic. Twas quite the morning...

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