Mid Week Romp  

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8/18/2006 9:25 pm
Mid Week Romp

Posted 08 June 2006

Two days ago my cable guy got cut off. LOL! No, not from ME, silly, totally. His wife was getting tired of the lifestyle in general and so she decided they were done. *Sigh...* Oh well, whatever's best for their marriage eh? So there will be no more cable guy stories from me. We're still going to hang out with them, in fact we're going to the lake with them in a few weeks, however, no more "adult fun." Ah well, it was fun while it lasted, eh?

But last night I did get together with a guy I'd met not too long ago. He gave me a full body massage. Boy, oh boy, was that nice. I'm a total massage whore. If you rub me, I'm yours. And rub me he did, with lavendar massage oil... I was so relaxed. It was SO nice to be pampered. It was just one of THOSE days... It was nice to relax. Then we had fun. He grinned at one point and asked if I had known what I was getting into. My answer? "I don't think you did either." LOL!

Kind of excited as Friday I'm going to do kareoke with an army bubba friend of mine and then we're going to come back to my place. Can't wait for that, haven't done kareoke in a while. And of course, not one to turn down a night with a man who thinks I'm a sexy woman with a wonderful ass either.

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