LONG Days... Shorter Nights  

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8/18/2006 9:02 pm
LONG Days... Shorter Nights

Posted 18 March 2006

The other night a buddy came over while my hubby was working late. I got dinner AND some Os! LOL! We had a GREAT time! I love it when he comes and visits. He was getting ready to leave as the hubby came in. Everything was cool as they're friends. Anyway, after he left I went to get in the shower and my hubby walked in... Ready to GO! It turned him ON that I'd been with the other guy. He worked me over good! {Sigh} What a night...

Tonight a buddy of mine knew my hubby was working overnight and thought I might need some company. He called to check on me and ended up stopping by. Hadn't seen him in forever. He looked so good, all ready for the club. He always looks good. He's just one of those guys. He insisted, however, that he'd stay as long as I wanted him to. I let him go after I awhile so he could meet up with his buddies. Such a gal, eh? LMAO!

Wow, I just realized this blog has turned into a chronicle of our exploits. Oh well... Where else can I catalouge those? Enjoy!

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