Kareoke... And So Much More  

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8/18/2006 9:27 pm
Kareoke... And So Much More

Posted 17 June 2006

My dom buddy came over after work and before we headed out for kareoke I gave him what he says was a bj that blew him away. I managed to suck his cock and lick his balls at the same time. Kinda proud of that move myself. Then when he was finally ready to cum, I let him shoot it down my throat. He was so fucking turned on it wasn't even funny. I knew it was going to be a good night...

Went to do kareoke and we had a great time. Evidently, sing pretty well. People kept buying us drinks. LOL! I was SOOOO drunk. I even managed to score another guy's phone number! And gave my buddy a fake lap dance, to the delight of the guys at the bar, scoring more free rounds for us both. Boy, what a night!

After he'd walked me to the car and we got back to the house I logged into my messenger and another friend of mine was on. My buddy got behind me and I turned on my cam. All my friend could see was my buddy's hands playing with my breasts and my typing. Was SO hot. After he'd stripped off my shirt and played with my breasts, pulling and pinching on my nipples, I started sucking his cock while my friend watched. He was definitely enjoying the show. At one point I tried to type to him and he answered with, "FOCUS WOMAN! THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO MULTITASK!" LMAO!

We then moved to the bedroom where my dom buddy proceeded to fuck my ass while he made me beg for it. I lay on my stomach while he straddled me, fucking my ass. It was SO hot. Then we both passed out, from the alcohol I think. What a night...

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