Interuptions... GRRRRRRRRR  

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8/18/2006 9:20 pm
Interuptions... GRRRRRRRRR

Posted 17 April 2006

Today was the culmination of a VERY frustrating weekend. The hubby of the couple came over to see me. We had gotten into about 30 minutes of oral, teasing, and generally pleasuring each other. He had made me cum the first time while nibbling on my neck and rubbing my clit and rolling my nipples in his fingers. As I came he whispered in my ear, "Mmmmmm, good girl..." He got up to start licking on me again when dammit if I didn't hear the baby. Must have been all the sugar yesterday.

In a little bit the baby went back down and he came back over. We started up again and wow oh wow, was it a huge stress relief. We did 69, and he made me cum and cum and cum. When he was licking on me he started licking my ass... OMG, what a rush... Wow! Then we tried anal. He's about the same size as my hubby, but longer. Oh man, I loved having his cock sliding in and out of my ass. It felt SO GOOD! I loved him fucking my ass. Just as I reached around for my clit he was at the same time. He and I are just on the same page. After that and a quick break he came back and fucked me. MMMMM, I love fucking him. And today he taught me a few valuable lessons on angles. I should have paid better attenion in geometry. He also taught me something else I like: he lightly spanked my breasts. It's oddly erotic. MMMMMMMMMMMM... Man, I'm so glad we met this couple!

Later as I was sending the hubby off to work I kissed him relaly passionately. That led to me kissing something else... Which led to a blow job with him in uniform (God, I love a man in uniform)! Then that led to him throwing me on the bed and fucking the hell outta me. What a day. It's ceratinly been a good one. And I'm not frustrated anymore.

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