How You Doin'?  

onetnhotmama 35
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8/23/2006 10:18 am
How You Doin'?

Last night I had a drink with a new friend who happens to be from Brooklyn. We just sat around, talked, and had a great time. When the bar did last call he walked me to my car and we talked some more. He made the comment that I was short and I reckon at 5'6" I am, compared to 6'2". He started massaging my back and before long I was moaning. I mentioned that I was a total massage whore and he found out I was. Then he kissed me. MMMMMMMMMMM... We started making out in the parking lot like teenagers. Several times I caught myself starting to unbutton his shirt. Oops... He slipped his hands into my jeans and grabbed my ass and that just made me arch into him. Then he reached in and played with my clit until I came clutching his shoulders with my face buried in his chest so no one would happen to hear (the place was deserted). MMMMMMMM... Was quite a nice night. We've made plans to try to meet tonight. I hope we can.

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