An Adult Anniversary Party  

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8/18/2006 9:57 pm
An Adult Anniversary Party

Posted 23 July 2006

Last night we were invited to an adult anniversary party for friends of ours. It was their 7th anniversary. Yay for them! We had a blast! There was games and laughs and great food and of course, playtime. We were allowed to bring a friend so I inbvited my dom to go with us, only last he wasn't my dom, he was my friend. Also last night a guy I'd been talking to for a looooong time drove down from Boulder. He is also friends with the wife of the couple that the party was for and she had invited him. It was nice to finally meet him. While playing distraction pool (Pool where anyone can do anything to you to make you miss the shot except touch your shooting arm or your cue, mess with the balls on the table, or get in front of your face) I was standing leaning on my cue and he started kissing my neck and reaching under my skirt. One thing lead to another and soon he was fingering me and I was cumming, right there, clutching the cue, biting my lip, being the quietest I've ever been. He was whispering in my ear, "Oh yeah, I can feel you cumming. I can't wait to be inside you." MMMMMMMMM... And he is SOOOOO sexy. Very tall, dark, and SO handsome! I looked up when I finally had recovered and my husband caught my eye (who was enjoying the attentions of a girl on his lap ). He knew what was going on.

Later after the games were over he just attacked me. I had told him I liked being pounded and OMG did he ever pound me! I was on hands and knees and he had me begging for it, harder and harder, which he obilged, while I came and came and came. He leaned down at one point and kissed my back and I lost it again. We took a break and then I sucked him off. He kept telling me how good it felt and how good I was. That's always good to hear but I was just glad he enjoyed it. Then he said the magic words. "Oh, we're just getting started." He then went down on me for what seemed like hours. He not only made me cum many, many times with his tounge and hands but he gave me an orgasm. For me there is a huge difference. Wow, what a night. He said he'll have to come see me again. I think since he's in Boulder maybe we can work out a meet halfway. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

There was a lot of flirting and groping going on that night and it's all in good fun. I had a great time. When I went back upstairs my dom was there and the hottub was beckoning. We got in and the hosts were in as well. They had poured bubble bath in it. It was like bubble land. I was playing with my dom, the wife was behind me fingering me while her husband was fucking her. It was so hot. Then after they got out, I stood up and my dom just made me stand there while he looked at me all covered in bubbles. It was fucking hot actually. So sexy.

After we had gone in I asked the wife if I could borrow a nightie as I forgot mine. She loaned me a black one with red roses. It was just long enough to cover down to my pussy. I was lounging on the couch and my dom couldn't keep his hands off me. He said it was fucking hot the way I was covered but my pussy was peeking out. It was pretty erotic, especially since I had shaved before the party...

We went and grabbed a bedroom and I became his good little cocksucker again and then he played with me and gave me a great rub down. Then we had a nice, slow, sweet fuck, which we rarely do. It was so nice. After that my hubs walked in and told us is was after 3! Oops... Time to go home! It was quite the night...

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