A Wife Swap  

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8/18/2006 10:17 pm
A Wife Swap

Posted 11 August 2006

Last night we and another couple did a complete swap. She came over here and I went over there. After finally getting their kids and ours settled down, I arrived and the husband opened the door with a sexy grin, "Hello sexy" he said. MMMMMMM, was going to be a great night. He gave me the dime tour and then we went down to the basement where he had candles lit and music on. He started by kissing my neck and then went on from there. We were just clutching at each other and it became a blur of lips and kisses, caresses and orgasms. He went down on me while I was still in my corset (a favroite of mine) and skirt and I was just clutching at the pillows. I would run my hands through his hair and then grab back at the bed. I couldn't get a handle on anything because his tounge and fingers were driving me crazy. Finally he pulled me over on top of him and I jerked off his clothes and went down on him. His hands were in my hair and he was telling me how good it felt. MMMMMMMMM...

Then the toy came out. He gave me a toy to play with while he nibbled and sucked on my breasts and licked me as well. OMG, what a scene! After a really hard O he told me it was time for me to play with myself while he watched. MMMMMMMMM... I did and he just watched. That really turns me on. Then he came back and licked me again and again. This man just loves to go downtown. Finally he pulled me on my back and ass fucked me... hard. I love it when he pounds my ass. He sure knows what he's doing! MMMMMMMM... I was screaming and had to bite my knuckle so I wouldn't wake the kids upstairs.

We lay there awhile and then he started licking me again. Everytime I would reach out to touch him he would caress and lick me. He loves to pamper. I felt soooo pampered! After a little while he went down on me again and would lick like a man possessed, then nibble and lick my thighs softly, then come back to my pussy hard. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... This went on for about 20 minutes until he was ready to enter me again and then he turned me 6 ways to Sunday. I rode him, he turned me this way and that, he rolled me into a pretzel, he got me on my knees on top of him reverse cowgirl, and then hands and knees. Oh wow, what a night! I am DEFINITELY looking forward to another time with him. His wife is a very lucky woman.

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