A Hotel Room With My Dom  

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8/18/2006 9:55 pm
A Hotel Room With My Dom

Posted 20 July 2006

Last night my dom told me he'd been "craving me" and I have to admit I'd been doing the same. I asked my family if they'd watch the baby and gave them a story about kareoke and off we went. We checked in and decided to take our time. We had a few hours. He started by nibbling and licking on my neck. Then he undressed me, one piece of clothing at a time, making sure to enjoy me in between. He stopped short of my panties though, he wanted those on still. I turned around and pulled his cock out and started sucking him. He forced me down to all fours while I sucked him, even making me gag. I love being his cum sucking slut. After a few minutes of that he got up, went over and relaxed on the couch, gave me a pillow for my knees and demanded I suck him some more, which I did hungrily. After a few more minutes he told me to stand up, turn around and bend over, exposing myself to him. He loves just looking at me. He told me to slowly take my panties off and expose myself again. Then we got in the shower...

In the shower we washed each other and then he fucked my ass... twice. It was so awesome to have the water cascading down over us and his cock up my ass. When we got out he had me dress up in my lingerie I'd brought and then show off for him again. Had me expose myself and while he watched, and then had me play with myself standing in front of him while he stroked his cock. Finally he told me to get on the bed, legs spread, and play with myself some more so he could watch. I did and he pulled a chair over to sit at the edge and watch. While I was pinching my nipples, rubbing my clit, and fingering my pussy he was fingering my ass. Oh god it was wonderful! I felt like such a whore! Then he told me to come back over and suck him. I did until he came and shot his load down my throat. After that I grabbed my toy and he told me to let him fuck me with it, which I did. I rubbed my clit and he fucked me. I came and came and came and then had such a powerful orgasm that I tensed up and got all shaky. After that we did 69 until I came again several times. Then I had to jet as it was time to go home and relieve the family... Ahhh... What a night...!

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