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9/10/2006 7:53 am

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Show me the money....

I'm sure that if you're mature enough to be on this site, you too have learned that as you travel through this world it's not possible to please everyone. However, in marketing one finds that it's important to appeal to as many people as possible to get them through the door, so to speak. AdultFriendFinder is no different, I think. You might not like the analogy of marketing but it works for me. Or maybe that's just what I am comfortable with.

In recent years there has been a change in marketing that would have been unthinkable 50 or 60 years ago. Look at the ubiquitous McDonalds TV ad and what do you find missing from most of them? Hamburgers. Often you don't see one solitary hamburger. Sure, you will see a short clip of happy people devouring them with wild abandon, but I don't recall a commercial in recent years with just a burger on the screen. That is what they're selling right? Actually,no. They are selling the feeling of their stores, not food. (BTW, I notice that Carl's Jr. does place product at the end of every commercial)

I can hear you saying to yourself “what the hell does this have to do with an adult dating site?” Well, the answer is pictures in profiles, of course! I must say I've enjoyed many of the pictures people place with their ads. Young people, old people, middle people. Tits, ass, long legs, short legs, long hair, short hair, no hair, tattoos, piercings. People posing, fucking, sucking, standing on their heads etc. There are some beautiful people and there are some that....well .....aren't. (that's just my opinion and I'm prepared to be flamed for that) Regardless of what I think of each profile, and if I never meet anyone I click with, the pics have been worth the price of admission.

But yes, I have no pic. (yes, I do have banana, go ahead and sing the song in your head, it'll be there all day) Of course I will claim the need for discretion as an excuse for not posting one and no, you probably won't accept that. As I consider posting one to my profile (so that anyone interested in me can see that I don't suffer from an infectious tropical disease like elephantitis) I struggle with the decision to post a pic of my face or my genitalia. If I could perform autofellatio I would post a picture of that so you could see everything at once. (come to think about it, if I could do that, I wouldn't be here)

So here's a question: do ladies really like to see pictures of nothing but a guy holding his dick in his hand? It never would have occurred to me that that would do anything for a girl. Nevertheless, there are LOTS of pictures of just that. Should I succumb to peer pressure and post some photos of my cock? It would generally serve the need for anonymity since none of my employees...and nobody I do business with has seen my pecker. Hell, not even anyone in my family has seen it in 40 years, it's unlikely they would recognize me either.

Or should I follow the marketing technique I described before?'s the feeling you'll get when you contact me.

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