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8/26/2006 3:51 pm

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I find this frightened woman huddle in a corner of a dark alley peering out from the shadows. Whimpering and sobbing you look up at me. I walk up to you and unzip my pants and release my long hard cock, I grab the back of your head and pull your face up to the tip of my cock. Holding your head at the tip of my shaft you tremble with fear and begin to ask me to spare you and as you open your mouth I shove my cock deep in to your throat. Gagging and choking you swallow my long throbbing cock.
I pull you by the hair to the ground and tear your clothes off bearing your tits, my hands are on your breasts and squeeze them tightly and pinch your nipples, I begin sucking your nipples and biting them, you squirm with pain and pleasure. Confusing you are in pain and excited at the same time. Trembling with fear and feeling pain you also feel yourself getting wet, your pussy is swollen and wanting. I pin you to the ground and mount you, spreading your legs wide a part to receive my hard cock, with your pussy wet and swollen I drive my cock deep into your waiting pussy. Pumping hard my cock fills you with horror and excitement. Resisting and wanting confused your emotions, senses and responses merge and you begin to rise to meet my plunging cock, pushing me deeper inside you. Thrusting and rising to take my long hard cock you feel the sensations of release over coming you, your pussy tightly squeezing my cock, feeling every inch of my 9 inch cock, your pussy tightens and holds my cock as you begin to feel the heat over come your body. Squeezing your nipples massaging your breasts I feel you pump harder taking all my cock wanting more, grinding on my hard cock the flood of passion fills your senses, wave of spasms ripple through your body the orgasm explodes and you wildly grab and pull me close, you press you lips on mine shooting your tongue in my mouth, your mouth on fire with passion, kissing and pulling my cock deep inside you releasing all your passion on my throbbing cock.
Pulling my hot wet cock from your dripping pussy I turn and lay on top of you with my cock in your mouth and my face in your pussy. MY cock is deep in your mouth as I suck your clit and lick your pussy clean. Sucking and licking your juice covers my face and pump my cock in and out of your mouth until I feel my cock swell and fill with cum. Shoving my cock into your throat cum explodes into the back of your throat and you feel the hot stream of cum run down your throat, tasting my sweet essence.
I you, made you suck my cock and gave you an orgasm you will not forget, now I leave you naked and trembling with Ecstasy and fear, lying on the cold damp alley.

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3/30/2009 2:13 pm

Is this how you usually pick up chicks?

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