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8/26/2006 6:19 am

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Just found out that people read my blogs to find out what Im up to ... Hmmmmmmmm??? I might have to get some really good posts in here just to keep them entertained? Anyone have any good starters???? I only wish my life were exciting enough to get some juicy details in here.. LOL... Help me out guys....

rm_4fusion5 71M

8/31/2006 9:52 am

Why wouldn't a person use a blog site as a source of information? It gives another perspective to the people on it. Besides, it seems that information posted on a blog is pretty much free, clear, and obvious for anyone who chooses to vist. 'Lurker' is kind of an abrasive label...kinda has a 'stalker' connotation and I know the person to whom you are referring and rest assured, he/she is not like that at all. He/She does use sources available to get to know people better. No harm in that. Besides, he/she likes to know what you are up to when you are not emailing or the two of you are not talking on the phone.

onehungryfoxme 58F

8/31/2006 10:20 am

Ok... so maybe the title was a little abrasive, I didnt mean it that way... LOL... go for it get the info.. you are right a blog is to post things you want others to know... it tells you what a person is up to and if you dont want people to know about it you then dont post that information...
Im not up to anything these days... LOL.. Football practice, soccer practice, soon to be cub scouts and bell choir for my son and workouts for me... no fun!!!!!!!
I need some excitement in my life.. but wonder when I would have time?????? LOL Course everyone else is busy too and doesnt have time so I guess we are all in the same boat.. think about it and want it but dont find time to get it done!!!!!

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