Lost in Space!  

omesohony 49M/41F
8/22/2005 8:04 am
Lost in Space!

Man its been awhile! Lost track of where I left off! Oh well. Anyways, not much has been happening lately with us. Cant say we have been bombarded with dozens of emails. However, we have received several interesting prospects for our continued escapades!

{<---check out the pic! hahahaha! Spocks infamous "Vulcan Meld"! hmmm...interesting.}

I wish I could devulge more information for you readers...but, that will just defeat the purpose of being "discreet". We are all here for one reason or another and I'm sure your imagination will have to suffice from where ever I leave off.

In the mean time, I'd like to see more local Blogs from others! (and lately have found myself intrigued with neo's blog at neotrio....Resistance is soooo futile!)

So come on folks...if ya ain't getting busy, share your thoughts! It doen't necessarily have to be about sex....but, if you must!? Then...ya know!

Hey! I just noticed my "Points" keep going up! I never realized you can accumulate them! 600+ so far! hahaha! What do I win? what do I get? what can I get??!! aww man that sucks! well it seems as a standard member, I can exchange them for emails or view profiles. Well, better save them for a special person(s)

Just out of curiosity...Why aren't the chat rooms in ANY of these "Local" groups utilized? Is everyone using more of the AdultFriendFinder IM service? I have also noted that when a "chatting now" icon appears next to a profile....chances are if you check, they are in some regional type room. Unless you travel alot, I find this un-fascinating.

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