Wednesday is POKER night  

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3/15/2006 8:28 pm
Wednesday is POKER night

YES I have found a pic and will scan and load it this week.

NO I don't have an erotic story ready to load yet - they are all on another hard drive - but they will begin to appear shortly.


I love poker! Even before I was old enough to understand the game it fasinated me.

As a kid the guys my dad worked with would come over on wednesday nights and play poker. They always brought their wives or girlfriends and kids if they had any.

In my mind the kids were there to play with AFTER my dad had gotten tired of me peeking over everyones shoulder to see their cards. "Go play with the other kids," he would say as he turned my shoulders and pushed me toward the door.

I play poker when I have time, and can find a game. Usually it's at an Indian casino here in Oklahoma. On occassion I take a drive to Mississippi and stay at my ex wife's house a few days while I earn a little cash to bring back to the ranch.

It was always a real treat to meet our son and daughter-in-law, who live in Utah, at my ex's dads in Las Vegas. Sadly my ex father-in-law passed away a few months ago. Funny thing is he was a Las Vegas resident for over 50 years and he didn't gamble! He used to laugh and say the way I played wasn't gambling either.

Poker is a people game. Yes there are rules everyone must abide and lady luck is also a factor. But, when you really understand poker, and I mean really understand, you begin to depend less on which cards you have and more on the personalities of the others in the game.

That's why I enjoy the game so much. It is a people game. You are constantly engaged with each player at the table. When it comes to making a play the bulk of your decisions aren't based on your cards. Your decision is made based on how much you have learned about your opponents.

Oh well - ramble ramble ramble - time to hush.

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