Body and Soul (part 9)  

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7/18/2006 8:56 am
Body and Soul (part 9)

Dan hadn't wanted to let Simon go off on his own so soon after the confrontation. But there was some new exercise equipment he had to examine and Dan hoped the shock of the photographs would keep him in check, for a while at least. After Simon had gone Dan went through his desk, he came up with two whiskey bottles, a book full of women's names and phone numbers, and some cards advertising various prostitutes. With them disposed of, Dan sat back and tried to think of the best way to proceed.

He still could not think of any other way to bring Simon back from the brink without playing the loving wife. Would that be so bad, said a treacherous corner of his mind. Dan rejected it, of course it would. Yes, Simon did remind him of his old self and his body wasn't bad for a man. But he still preferred women and he remembered how his eyes had fixed on the woman he had caught Simon with. He remembered how her breasts had strained inside her tight halter. He felt a dampness between his legs again as he imagined what it would be like to make love to her. He fantasised about laying her down on the floor and then ramming his cock into her wet pussy until she screamed in passion.

But, he remembered sadly, he didn't have a cock anymore. Just a pussy that even now desired something to fill it. He felt the conflict in him. His pussy ached for a cock to thrust inside it, but his mind wanted to be the man. He sighed and headed home. As he drove home he mused that if Simon was a woman he'd have no problems falling in love with him.

Back home, Dan called out to Maria but got no answer. That was odd, he thought. She should still be here. He found her in one of the front rooms stretched out on a couch, fast asleep. Alison's memory had always thought of her as honest and hardworking, so this was very unlike Maria.

Dan tried to wake her up, but even shaking didn't work. "I wouldn't bother, an earthquake wouldn't wake her up."

He looked up quickly, in the doorway was the prostitute he had thrown out of Simon's office. "How the hell did you get in here."

She smiled, "That's exactly how I got in here."

Dan felt a shiver run up his spine, "so you are working for the Devil."

"Yes, I know how difficult this must be for you. I bet you'd prefer to make love to me rather than Simon." She reached behind her and undid her skimpy top. She threw it to the floor letting her heavy succulent breasts swing free. Slowly she walked across the room to Dan. He was transfixed watching her breasts jostle with each step. He could feel his pussy becoming aroused and his nipples growing into two hard points. Samantha had only a fraction of the mental power her master did, but her body was enough to remove the remaining inhibitions from Dan's mind. His body might be female, but his mind was still nearly 100 percent male.

"No, this is wrong." He muttered as Samantha reached him.

She smiled. "You're really a man and I'm a woman. What can be more natural than that. Just relax." Samantha could feel herself getting aroused as well, Dan was beautiful and she hadn't had a woman for so long. She reached down and picked up Dan's slim hand. Gently she placed it against her mountainous breast. Dan gasped softly at the feeling of all the tit flesh in his hand. Almost instinctively he started to knead it. Samantha moaned, she had never realised how good that could feel.

Dan took his hand away and pressed his face to her breast, sucking an engorged nipple into his hungry mouth. Samantha couldn't believe how sensitive her nipples were, she knew (but didn't care) that she was losing control of herself. She ripped open Dan's blouse exposing his sensuous breasts enclosed in a black silk bra. Roughly she ran her hand across his breasts and tweaked the hard points of his nipples.

"Suck me," begged Dan.

Samantha quickly undid Dan's bra and pulled it away. Samantha held one of his breasts in her hand feeling the hard point of his nipple drilling into her hand. She took Dan in her arms, leaned over him and kissed his soft pouting lips. He shivered with desire and Samantha gently lowered him to the white fur rug in front of the fireplace.

He felt hands tugging at his waistband and his skirt was soon undone and pulled off. Samantha hooked her fingers under Dan's panties and pulled them down exposing his aroused pussy. Dan looked up at the woman, her firm breasts hanging just inches above his face. He knew he should resist, she was the enemy. But he wanted to make love to her so intensely and the more he learned about Simon, the more he detested him. So why should he help him? He felt a hand gliding down over the soft curve of his tummy and down to his pussy. He ached to be touched there, to feel Samantha's hungry mouth nibbling and licking his sensitive clitoris.

She smiled down at him and slowly ran her hand over his cunt. Dan almost came from this lightest of touches. He moaned in a way that really got Samantha hot and Dan unconsciously spread his legs. With an agonising slowness she slid her forefinger inside his hot vagina. It felt so alien to Dan, yet somehow strangely familiar. "More!" He pleaded in a strangled voice.

Samantha smiled and began working all four fingers of her right hand inside his wet pussy. Dan was now beyond words, lost in the sensations rocketing through his body. Samantha's other hand began caressing one of Dan's full breasts. He began to thrust his hips to meet Samantha's fingers as they dived into him. Dan began to breathe deeper and deeper as he neared his orgasm. Finally, he tensed and his cunt clamped down on her fingers as he came. He was aware of a shrill female voice in the throes of a tremendous climax, without realising it was his.

Samantha looked down at Dan as he shivered from the aftershocks of his orgasm. Masculinity had been wasted on him, she decided. His reactions seemed so submissive, so feminine. Admittedly it was mostly due to her coercive mental powers, but she wondered if he would become naturally feminine in his responses as the months passed. She concentrated on the matter in hand and undid her tight black skirt. She had no panties on at all, another requirement her new satanic master had compelled on her.

Dressed only in stockings and suspenders she kneeled over Dan. He opened his eyes to see Samantha's dripping cunt just inches from his face. "Eat it," she commanded and pressed her crotch into his face.

His eyes bulged, but he eagerly complied. Samantha lost herself in the ecstasy of being licked out by this exotic woman. Dan licked and nibbled at Samantha's cunt while her blonde pubic hair tickled his nose. Her legs kept his arms trapped at his side and the only area he could reach was his own pussy. He was still highly aroused from the finger fuck Samantha had given him and he was soon playing with himself. Dan still found it almost impossible to think of it as his vagina, but he couldn't deny the exquisite feelings its velvet softness was giving him.

Samantha continued to ride him, the feelings emanating from her own pussy was astounding. She had never had her cunt eaten before, but she could see why her lovers had enjoyed it so much.

Dan thought, why am I letting her do this? Her control must be slipping as she gets excited. He was still working his wet cunt with his hands and knew he couldn't stop himself. But, if he waited for the right moment he might be able to turn the tables on her.

By now, Samantha was grinding her crotch into Dan's face with abandon. Her cunt was giving off a musky smell that was driving him crazy with lust. He shuddered as a series of orgasms shot through his body, as a man he had never reached this level of pleasure for as long as he had now.

Samantha gave a high pitched wail and came to her own climax, covering Dan's face with pussy juice. He knew that now was his only chance. Without warning he flipped Samantha over onto her front and pulled her arm behind her, effectively immobilising her. He sat astride her as she struggled in vain to get free.

"Right, now you're going to answer my questions." Dan told her.

"Let me go." Samantha said quietly. Dan felt a growing compulsion to obey her. He twisted her arm until she gasped in pain.

"Stop it. You do that again and I really will hurt you. What's your name."

"Samantha." she murmured.

"Samantha what?" Demanded Dan.

"Just Samantha. Its the name He gave me when He made me young again."

"What was your name before that?"

She was silent for a few seconds. Then she said, "Bridges, Stuart Bridges."

Dan's mouth dropped open in shock. "Stuart?"

"Yeah, it was His idea of fun. It was the only terms he would give me. You see, I was in my late sixties and dying of cancer. He appeared yesterday and after proving who he was made the offer. He said I was probably going to hell anyway when I died, so what did I have to lose?"

"And to keep that body you have to keep Simon on his downward path?"

"Yeah and he would remove the compulsion to dress and act like a slut. Don't think I'd be doing this if I had a choice. He offered me a healthy male body if I delivered you to him as well."

A shiver ran through Dan, it had never occurred to him that the Devil would make a play for his soul as well. "You can't trust him! He'll break his promises as soon as he has what he wants."

"Maybe, but it's the only chance I have." Samantha was thinking fast, her master was going to be furious at what she had told Dan. If she said anymore she might not survive the night. Suddenly she saw a way to distract Dan, she reached out with her telepathy and touched Maria's mind. All the time Dan and Samantha had been making frantic love she had been asleep on the couch behind them. Now however she started to wake.

Dan twisted round to see Maria start to wake. Samantha was ready for the distraction and threw Dan off her. She stood, made a complicated hand gesture and vanished, all before Dan could recover. He stood dumbfounded for a moment before he realised he was standing naked in front of his housekeeper. He rushed about grabbing the various pieces of his and Samantha's clothing. Dan managed to make it out the door and up the stairs as Maria opened her eyes.

She looked at the stairs through the door, she could have sworn she'd seen something move there. Must have been her imagination, why had she fallen asleep. She'd never done that before, maybe she was coming down with a virus or something? Thankfully, Mrs Mitchell hadn't caught her. She got up and resumed cleaning the room. What was that musky smell? What did it remind her of... no, it couldn't be THAT.

Dan stood silently at the top of the stairs, his heart pounding furiously. Now he had to try and protect himself as well as Simon.

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